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7th Nov 2005, 06:16
It's been a theme in LoK for a while now, but do we know how it works?

1.Do souls ever enter new bodies?

Now we all know the type of reincarnation where one person's soul is possessed by several bodies throughout time.

But the is also the possibility that souls might have one body, and the rebirth EG refers to is taking someone's soul, an moving them back in time, and put into themselves as babies. Forced to live out the same life over and over again. If a soul were to remember a degree of it's past/future life, than that might explain the phenomena of clairvoyance, destiny and dejavou.

Or it might be a combination of these two systems.

2.Genesis & Apocalypse?

EG claims copy right over both these, but it's not like anyone was around at either time that can prove otherwise.

So where did all these souls come from at the beginning, and where do they go at the end?

Does EG, crawl out of the planet and search for a place where a black hole is not about to form from the dying sun to search for a new home?
And then What will he do when entropy has killed every last star, and reality itself is tearing at the seams?


7th Nov 2005, 22:29
I kinda think it's a combination of both. Time keeps repeating in an endless cycle, but the souls are re-used multiple times in that cycle. (Kinda how a stunt-extra in an action flick can get crushed in the beginning, get shot during the climatic main fight, and then go splodey towards the end.)

This reminds me of an audio book that my dad has. Somehow, the universe hiccups, causing a decade to repeat itself. Everyone's aware that time's repeating, but they can't say or do anything differently than what they did before. At the end of the decade, when people regained control of their actions, many people ended up in piles at the bottom of escalators because they were just coasting along for so long.

Anyway, I think the cycle prevents entropy. EG can just stay where he is, and he's probably aware of the seam between future and past. (Actually, I doubt that there is a seam.)

9th Nov 2005, 22:55
I think that both systems are used as well. The first one can be used for beings like Kain, who have a possibility of destroying the order that EG is trying to maintain; it may also be used for the beings who's futures produce no meaningful consequences, so EG can feed on their 'memories'. (I do not think that EG actually eats souls, as Raziel suggests in SR2. Instead, he drains their psychological/memory based substance).

The second can be used on beings that are advantageous to EG; it is important that the ressurected Moebius is conscious of his past. But, it may aslo be good to use on being such as Kain, in order to instill the notion of destiny and the inexistence of free will.

EG can do as he sees fit. But, if he was not present, then the feeling of destiny would be universal. Thus, I think his actions are important to natural order. In order to maintain that order, he has to bend the rules a little and introduce pre-destination into the worldly scheme.

18th Jan 2006, 02:34
Is there a beginning and is there an end?

I have a theory that time is a circle and that the neandethols were actually highly evolved humans and we are destined to be wiped out by our ancestors.

The same kind of theory can be applied to Nosgoth. Perhaps the Hylden are Kain decendents (would explain the resemblanse), destined to be banished by his ancestors.

This kind of circle explains Visions of the future, they are actually of the past.

19th Jan 2006, 01:33
Time is but a loop. ;)

I've actually been seeing that theory of time more often. It even makes sense in the real universe; entropy will cause everything to collapse until gravity is no longer distiguishable from electromagnetism, then it will all explode into a repeat of what happened before the entropy.

19th Jan 2006, 01:43
didnt think of that. Moebius said it himself. and he'd know.
It's also possible that the ancients are desendents of Janos returned from the realm with a cure for his curse. Of course then he would never be able to die like he was destined to.