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6th Nov 2005, 16:07
Hello all:

I'm near the end of the game/level.....at the timed run from the switch at the walkway to the bridge and the stone door housing the secret.
I've tried the run dozens of times, and believe I beat the 2 minute timer (someone referred to)...and I'm wondering if I'm missing a switch or running up the wrong staircase. Stella recommends saving at the "wasp switch", where the iron gate rises..and then dealing with a sprint through the swinging fire to the bridge, to the right, jump down and get to the door via the snowbank...I must be missing something, or is this run next to impossible? Any clues or suggestions GREATLY appreciated from a devoted Lara and tombraider fan from the start. Funny how when I replay the games, it's like I never played them before..I make the same mistakes <GG>..
Regards all....pls let me know.


THE True Lara
6th Nov 2005, 17:09
You are very unlikely to make it in one go, so save the game.

Right, to reach the secret below the bridge, this is what I'd advise;
In the hallway at the end of the walkway flip the last switch in the room. Roll as you see the secret door opening and run down the walkway until you're opposite the crack in the wall. Don't hesitate, just run off the walkway towards the crack and press grab mid air and you should just make it into the pool below. Roll in the water, surface and climb out. Cross the floor of the room as rapidly as possible and dash through the double doors at the far side.
Go right into a room with several shallow pools on the floor. Dash through them, heading slightly left until you enter a smaller room with a ladder in it. Climb the ladder and dismount to the left in a dark passage. Use the switch here (ignore the lock) to open the tall gate and then head through the gate and to the right.
You are now in a room with a central pillar of light, dash past that and up the stairs on the right, then down a narrower staircase opposite. Slow for the right turn in this staircase and then push straight on into the next room.
When you reach the floor, go left and find the swinging burners you've seen before. Get past these as quickly as possible (though taking care) then dash across the bridge to the far end and run off the right hand side to land on a block.
Turn right and keep running as you slide down the snow banks to the floor of the cavern. The door should be within sight now, so don't stop - dash in there to pick up the secret.

If you're having problems with a particular bit save mid run, it can help sometimes if you're on the ball.

Good luck, :thumbsup:
don't hesitate to come back if you're still having problems.

8th Nov 2005, 00:26
Thanks ever so much...the mid-save during a good initial run-up (to the switch after the ladder)....eventually worked...key was to SPRINT and jump as much as possible...sprinting through the swinging chandeliers worked very well even with little forethought.

NOW... this WILLARD monster.............I honestly don't know where to :confused: begin..despite Stella and the Chronicles. LOL...I've beaten 2, 4 (got tired of AOD)....never finished I to completion dont ask.
I'm no youngster....middle-aged, but I LOVE the series, way ahead of its time, and the adventure, the puzzles, the sets, still remain to me, far and away, the very classiest and best. Hope Legends doesn't lose this "feel".


Mark (Any help with Doc Willard????)

Sophia Leigh
8th Nov 2005, 02:48
Use your desert eagle if you can (I found the granades & rockets took too long to launch & hit) and save your game straight after picking up each of the four artifacts :)

THE True Lara
8th Nov 2005, 10:50
If you stay inside the circle area Willard generally won't try to shoot you. He tends to move about anticlockwise. About 12 shots from the desert eagle will stun him long enough for you to sprint down pick up one artefact and return. After you've got all 4 and the meteorite has descended to the pool hit him with the rocket launcher to finish him.
I seem to recall jumping & shooting a lot to stay ahead of him, rather than running at some points.

Best of luck.