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5th Nov 2005, 08:13
check out the path of neo: GT Video Preview...i'm not a die hard matrix fan...but this looks pretty cool...

oh...it's at gametrailers.com

lol...knew i was forgeting something.

9th Nov 2005, 20:57
wow ...not a ton of matrix fans out there huh?...

*que tumbleweeds*

oh well...i thought it would be cool.

10th Nov 2005, 23:41
I think the sequels to the original movie did a good job making everyone want to forget the 'trilogy' ever happened.

Such a good film ruined by cashing in.......... (and lets face it, the original movie is one of those movies that gets very boring after watching it the first (amazing) time)

10th Nov 2005, 23:48
I still haven't gotten around to playing "enter the matrix"

I did see a trailer for some newish (I think) Matrix game, and it looked cool.

11th Nov 2005, 02:23
every movie/game gets boring after a while...the only thing that makes it last is if it has a message or philosophy that we can relate to.the matrix movies begin to alter notions that were in the first story and that is when things start feeling gasy.

11th Nov 2005, 17:33
every movie/game gets boring after a while...the only thing that makes it last is if it has a message or philosophy that we can relate to.the matrix movies begin to alter notions that were in the first story and that is when things start feeling gasy.

My biggest problems with the matrix sequels was (other than them being utter crap) that they told a story we didn't need to see. The ending from the first movie was the perfect ending for the matrix. The audience assumes neo is going to save mankind and we don't need to see how it actually happens. We were told things about the history of the one. Why the oracle is the oracle. etc etc etc. The audience did not need to know these things. It cheapens the original story having everything told to us. Leave it be! let us think for ourselves!

(and yes I do realise that the original movie was THE most predictable movie ever

oracle: being the one is like being in love. No one can tell you you are or not..... you just know

oracle (30 seconds later): no kiddo, you aint the one.


11th Nov 2005, 23:56
Y'know, I just thought that instead of the way the Matrix sequals did happen, it should've been a prequel thing.... I forgot what part of the stories needed to be told that way though.

12th Nov 2005, 01:29
well that's what the animatrix was about...or you could just watch the terminator movies lol...both of them are very very connected if you heard of Sophia Stewart...you get my drift.

12th Nov 2005, 12:56
yeah, the animatrix said how the war started. It was very well done but story-wise we just didn't NEED to know all that. They were showing us things that were best left to the imagination IMO

12th Nov 2005, 13:36
i don't think the problem with the prequels and sequels was that they were done i think the problem is the fact that the themes and pathos of the matrix were not genuine. the whole vibe changed...lok almost did that with bo2 but it was some what justified by lokd. i think the sequels problems involve the lack of the coldness of the machines and the programs for that matter...i always assumed the oracle was some sort of machine deserter but i did not expect programs like the merovingian's lackys because the agents should be able to deal with them ...and the ending feels tacked on i would have prefered the idea that those who were "out" of the matrix were infact still in one. what do you guys think would have been a better ending?

12th Nov 2005, 14:53
neo died. I was happy with the ending........ :D

the series went from being a kung fu sci fi movie with awesome effects to just another sci fi movie copying terminator.

where did the crazy kung fu wire work go?? the fight scenes in the first movie were really cool. the fight with the massive metal bar in the 2nd wasn't that bad at first but it really did start to get very tiresome very quickly.

balancing out the equation with smith?? oh come ON! he was killed. he shouldn't have come back at all.

but at least the bike scene in the 2nd movie was entertaining.

and getting to see Trinity die.

....... twice!

12th Nov 2005, 15:53
Best fight scene still the Goverment Lobby

12th Nov 2005, 18:30
Government lobby? Oh, you mean from the first movie, "Sir, please open your coat"? That was awesome:D The second and third movies were really bad because they just seemed stupid to me. For example, the fight with the metal bar was completely idiotic. I kept yelling at the TV screen, "Hey, moron, you can fly, remember?" And then after a totally pointless fight, Neo's like, "Oh yeah, I can fly," and he (finally) flies away :rolleyes:

12th Nov 2005, 19:55
he flew away cos he's a big wuss! if he let smith kill him in that scene then he could have saved us all a movie! AND his beloved Trinity wouldn't have died............... TWICE!

that metal bar was cool tho. that and the bike scene were all that was worth seeing in that movie.........and seeing trinity die

12th Nov 2005, 20:43
gotta play catch up :p

fneh,i have nothing against that either :)

i just think the entire revolutions/reloaded stuff that concerned merv and his sentient program buddies was sort of garbage...it's sad because the merv stuff was fun to watch but it was so much fluff. if they wanted people to see the humanity of the programs just use the indian family programs as a example and be done with it.

garbagefanuk, i still say the best fight was the "morpheus is fighting neo" scene i mean that was beautiful.

WraithStar, i think neo was trying to kill of smith rather then be a punk and fly away...surprise he is a punk. believe it or not they wanted to make neo more powerful then he was in the film but they still wanted to have martial arts involved...some say neo originally was able to sprout guns "lots of guns" out of nowhere.

hey if you look closely at the burned out eyes you can see his right eye ball straring blankly...too bad that was not more visible.