View Full Version : usb joypad with tomb raider

30th Oct 2005, 07:25

anybody knows whether it is possible to play tomb raider in a computer with usb joypad?

Thanks a lot.

30th Oct 2005, 18:11
Hi Neo. :)

Welcome to the forum. I am sure there is a way to do it but I have no clue how to set one up. Which TR game is it for?

Lara Croft Online
30th Oct 2005, 19:25
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31st Oct 2005, 06:17
Thanks my dear friends.

I will be trying it tomorrow. :)


31st Oct 2005, 21:49
It is possible to buy a USB adapter that will let you connect a ps2 controler. I use this myself for several games, mainly football and driving. Although if i used this for playing a TR game i honestly cant remember, but i cant see it being a problem. The adapter only cost a few quid.