View Full Version : Off topic: Battlefield 2 Modern Combat

29th Oct 2005, 11:30
Have any one played it?
Just got the game today...the game is pretty good.
Single player is crazy.

Just give it a rental.

It'll keep mind your off of 25tl.

31st Oct 2005, 23:34
Ya, it looks fun.

4th Nov 2005, 03:52
It got a lower rating then Socom II. I would rent it first... If I like it, I'll get it used so I get a better price on what I think it's worth.

10th Nov 2005, 23:17
marker i can never get that link on your signature 2 work??

11th Nov 2005, 00:16
It works for me... I know that others have been there and I haven't changed the link.

11th Nov 2005, 01:07
link works fine for me too

14th Nov 2005, 02:06
??? weird :(
battlefeild 2 is kinda cool..onlines really intense when u get 2 teams that know what there doing...lol i like 2 suicide bomb ppl in the helicopter!!!