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29th Oct 2005, 07:46
It really feels good to be back after such a long time. There used to be a guy named The Boo, where is he now, does anyone know those guys back 2 years.

In 2003 i was the first one to take the ATV out of the track into the Lara's home on PC(not on PS). I have discovered something more which can be done in Home.Generally we can't finish the ATV track in less than 30sec, but i have found a shortcut by which we can finish it in less than 10 sec. It's near the starting of the race before the first turn, its something like speedbraker (but obviously not), ATV will jump from it and will land on the wooden blocks (near the last two jumps).

Check out this link to see the record-


I am sorry if i have placed the thread in the wrong place & also if you already know that.