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28th Oct 2005, 21:50
I'm not a huge gamer, because if I did play games more, I wouldn't ever EAT (much less anything else). haha. But the one game I play over and over is, well you know if you are reading this message on a TR forum.

Here is a tribute piece I did, using the game's original melody.

Of course I stuck strictly to the melody from the game, didn't even write a secondary melody. Pretty hardcore tribute I guess.

Are there any other people with some Tribute Music for TR?

31st Oct 2005, 08:02
Welcome to our humble forums, douglasedward. :thumbsup:

It can take a while to get used to the layout here but, you missed the TR forum and got the general chat one instead. Allow me to redirect your post to a, possibly, more appreciative audience. :)

BTW - This is very good. Do you have access to a full ochestra, choir and Abbey Road Studios? :eek:

Or is this some kind of ad???