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28th Oct 2005, 16:47
I would like to see the building's you build on the battle map and be able to use them for cover. Maybe you could patch that in or include it in IG 2.

Also the Cannon's range is very short and not enough damage, and I don't waste time building them. I build INF and Cav only. Cav will ride around the flank of the enemy stay hidden then I engage my INF, and then attack the enemy arty with my Cav it works every time then hit the enemy from the rear with my Cav. But if cannon would have more range, and or firepower I would have to change my tactics a bit, as the cannon would rip my INF apart.

Sea battles are fun also. I have one suggestion though and that is your ships run off the map and you loss the battle even if your winning it. I would like to see some kind of boundaries like in the land battles, no retreat no surrender.

Oh and I love the way the men fight to the last man.

Oh and more provinces.

28th Oct 2005, 17:22
Its not that hard to increase cannon range but yes it totally changes the game tactics-critical to wipeout cannon first....I tried actual range 1000-2000m and found it almost unplayable -also cant hit anything for several hundred metres directly in front of cannon when have long range.i dropped range then from half to quarter actual values and I like these ranges now.Chek for my other posts about this and ICANUS has a mod to do the job you want.....just read up about it all on the mod forum!