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27th Oct 2005, 03:56
I know this has alredy ben posted BUT o well ok when I instal IG its fine until it tells me to insert disk 2 and it gives me a windo with the data3 file and I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO DO WITH IT :confused: :confused: and I cant finish the instalation with out doin sometin with the file and its probible a simpel thang but IM JUST 2 RETARDED 2 FIGYER IT OUT so if eney one is nice enough to help me out ill be so happy i be ****en frizbes 4 a mounth so i u can help DO IT thx :thumbsup:

28th Oct 2005, 04:19
can some one help me plz i ben tryin to get a hold of tech support by phone 4 like 2 weeks and i just wana play my game but I CANT cuz every thang always does this crap to me ERRORs this ERRORS that all i want is some help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :( :( :( :( i know u would much rather wack off to starwars then help a a little whying peace of redneck hunk of whale ***** to the power of 3 :thumbsup: thankyou for ur time

28th Oct 2005, 12:05
Mate dont worry we're friendly to rednecks over on these forums :) :thumbsup: Go the the top of the topics page and there'll be a sticky topic called link to technikal support faq or something-click it, go to the FAQ and find your problem *warning* you might have to dish out cash for some new hardware/software.

Enjoy the game-Its a good 'un ;) :thumbsup:

p.s Ofcourse i enjoy bashing one over star wars mmmmmmm.......tie-fighter wedge formation.....orgasmic :D

30th Oct 2005, 03:30
i give up techsupput can go piss a chalupa cuz ther still unavalible ya you see this is what happens when alex tribeck has a picture of a griaff inis ass derin an earthquake no one can awser my question soo now im gana go to countryland donuts and take a 2 hour s*it and think about my problums

9th Nov 2005, 16:27
Actually i gave you directions to were you could get help. Ah, well your loss but please, dont be so abusive on the forums we get a bit upset when people start ranting about how we're no help :)

7th Feb 2006, 20:32
I downloaded the battlemod for IG, but I'm sure exactly how to get it working; tried to follow the instructions, but couldn't find the files they referred to and the link it suggested to get a mod enabler was dead.
I feel like a chimp trying to use tools for the first time.

Anyone know how this thing works? I'm keen on the idea of the more monstrous-sized
battles it promises.

8th Feb 2006, 08:34
I got that same problem like a month ago, and I just cleaned my disc if I remember right. Just clean it with cloth like doing a spiral from inside to outside and slow. Sry my english again :(