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26th Oct 2005, 23:32

Im stuck with some problems.

I'm playing GB, and when i try to take the capital Russia under siege i have to hold it for a while to get it. Some mysterius way, Russai can raise 6units pr turn while i'm siegning it, i can only create one pr turn home in GB. So after 5-6 turns im trowed out.

The problem is that when my enemy, AI (Prussia) takes the Russian captial, it hold it for maximum 2 turns, i then occupy it. They attack and hold it with the same nummber of units that i am trying with.

What am i doing wrong?

My bigest problem is that i never can occupy anything because the occupyed country can always rise an larger number of units pr turn that i can create.

27th Oct 2005, 16:57
Heres the lovely realism of IG:D dont overstretch yourself you will always lose a war where you must supply from home via a country thats fighting from its homeland
p.s whats fighting in the capital like? I can imagine the st.peter and paul fort is hell

14th Nov 2005, 09:21
St. Petersburg is a lovly defensive map.

If you can only produce troops out of your capital then thats your problem, you should probably have taken Sweden and Denmark beforehand so that you'd be able to funnel troops into Russia quickly.

Also, IMO, going for Russia should not be a priority for Britain. :o