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25th Oct 2005, 12:46

My name is Lusitano and I have to appologize for my awful english.
I´m an spanish trooper and I´m here to announce you that we have made some progress modding Spain to play with, progesses are availables at our page http://usuarios.lycos.es/imperialglory/foro/viewforum.php?f=1 it´s an spanish page, but you can anyway use our links to download folders and test our progresses.
I tell you that we have modded thigs like flags, uniforms, militian´s look and behaviour, now they seem more or less real militians and they can fire their muskets, change formations,we also change fire ranges, accuracies, navy battle flags, etc.
We are interested in contact people to lead this project on, and help people to resolve doubts.
So, read us at the pointed page or drop here an answering message.
Waiting for your news.
Glad to contact you.
SALUDAZOS :thumbsup:

25th Oct 2005, 16:05
If I am not mistaken, what your trying to say is that you modified militia to have properties of infantry. I am currently d/l the mod, sounds interesting to see in game.

This would be pretty cool if someone finally figured it out, militia could actually be of some use in the game now.

Update: Alright, a new unit was created to replace militia using the skin of the Fuislero I believe. All nations have this unit, and Spain has this unit plus an arty soldier skin which looks pretty nice.

26th Oct 2005, 01:48
it is of no use trying to replace militia with lineinf. I've done that before and still couldn't stop AI militia from charging at you no matter how much they look and behave like lineinf. :o

27th Oct 2005, 07:16

Yes, you´re right Godkin, Militians still charging without sense when they reach the appropiate distance, but at least, they look a bit better, and your militians can be controled as Line Inf. (With the country you choose to play with).
I released this mod because we were angry with PYRO about the look and behaviour of the MILITIA UNITS, we understood that it only matches with civilians at the French Revolution (1789), other countries had their Local Militias organized and uniformed ( other thing is to speak about their level of instruction, weappons and supplies).
I don´t know where to find the file that controls the units A.I., but if you can provide us some information, it will be wellcome.
Now we are trying to modify those charges by changing factors like musket range, body to body attack and ressistance rates, etc, but we´re just on the way... Did you realized that Light Inf. (snipers) NEVER CHARGE?, we are working that direction. Do the RIFLEMEN act as well?. That information has been given by ESPARTERO at the spanish page to work with. I didn´t contrast this information because I spend more time modding than playing. :eek:
Comment: All uniform at that mod (INF, CAV and ARTY are more or less the autentical for that historical period), for SPANISH units.

By the way, does anyone know how to assign provinces and armies to the Empires at the start of the campaign, different from the ones set originally by the game?
I mod the ROME TOTAL WAR starting sets, but it was easier than I.G..
Help strongly needed. ;)

Thaks for your answers. :thumbsup:

27th Oct 2005, 07:30

Yes, the new unit is called "Voluntario" and it works with "Genérico A", like Line Inf., Ligh Inf., and Riflemen, and I made it weaker than Line Inf.
Now I´m searching the way to make them "intelligent" :)

Any help wil be wellcome.

29th Oct 2005, 01:01
hi that's great for you to sort out the issue of charging militia, i can't wait to give it a try, if that works, well i think IG is perfect to me. thank you for your excellent work. BTW did you upgrade your MOD?

31st Oct 2005, 09:26

Do you mean Barbarian Total War?, well I just modded Rome TW to provide myself another faction "General Decimus Meridius Faction" (Gladiator Film) which begins campaign at Saguntum (north of Valencia (Spain)), because Baetis (Andalucia) is Leaded by Carthago. I played the campaign and uninstal the game, so I didn´t instal the expansion. :(


31st Oct 2005, 09:36
I Thought BTW meant By The Way... :p

31st Oct 2005, 10:25
GASP!!! :eek:

6th Nov 2005, 04:26
This mod seems interesting, but I'm not sure about a few things, for ease of communication it'd be good if Pyro had used a uniform naming convention for units, so I'll take a stab at this, using memory from modding the demo, as i speak no Spanish, forgive me:

English Espaniol

Militia Militica
Line Infantry Fusilero

You want to replace the Militia/Militica in IG, which are more like a rabble than a militia, with a unit like Line Infantry/Fusilero, but you're only replacing the skins, am I correct, so the Milita/Militica unit charges, it doesn't line up and shoot. So why don't you put the Line Infantry/Fusilero AI code over the Militica code and then use the .dt editor to change the values of the Militica so it's weaker than Line Inf?

Also, where can I download this from?

6th Nov 2005, 10:43
There you are:


Is the one called IG:MoD Milicianos v1.03

7th Nov 2005, 09:54
Yes we changed the skins and edited the ModeloCombate.dt to allow them to act as Line Inf., but the only thing we get was that militans commanded by you lined up and fired, but not the enemy´s. (They depend on the A.I. ).
We are now working out how to avoid suicide charges, not to disable reasonable charges.

10th Nov 2005, 12:53
Sorry for the late reply, family and such.

So you want to change the AI of the Militia to that of Line Infantry, or similar, no? Can't you just take the Line Infantry AI code from whatever folder it's in and put it over the Militia code? I do not know where the folder or file is but contacting Jaycw or @m may help.

10th Nov 2005, 13:13
Nice site :thumbsup:

but i dont know spanish i will still take lessons :eek:

know of anymore nice IG sites? :confused: