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25th Oct 2005, 01:11
I have a couple of 'newbie' questions....

How do you peacefully annex a country? I have 100% sympathy with a country (Russia), but can't work out how to turn that into a peaceful annexation. I have looked at the manuals (on disk and hard-copy) but neither are very helpful - I get the impression that I'm supposed to land troops in the country, but surely that is a military invasion?!!!

Secondly, how do I build in other countries? I cannot open up land routes (is this because I am playing as GB) apart from France - and I'm not really sure how I did that!! Guess key is to build trade branches, but I'm not sure what the criteria is to do that.

Only option seems to get medieval on them!!

Grateful for any advice....

25th Oct 2005, 03:52
You can not annex another major empire, only neutral nations.

After you've done the required research you can build trade branches with nations you can see on the map, as you expand what you can see, you can build branches in those nations. Or you can also build up sea routes by building trade ships after you have completed the necesary research and built a shipyard.

25th Oct 2005, 04:11
That's great - thanks for your help...looks like I was beaten to it this time!!