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24th Oct 2005, 15:48
Lo all

I haven't been around here much at all lately - playing other games and working hard, and without new Thiefsie releases to check out I just ended up drifting away. I still remember you all with great affection, though, and will still try to drop in now and then.

Right now I'm re-playing Deadly Shadows, and have completed everything up to the end of Overlook, including Pavelock, <s>without killing any humans</s> without killing any humans except two guards on the dock guarding the Abysmal Gale. Working hard at avoiding evening using the blackjack unless absolutely convenient... ;)

Man, the Gale itself is a creepy mission: definitely made my hair stand on end (such hair as I have).

See ya,


24th Oct 2005, 15:51
I haven't done a lot of tweaks yet, but I do want to at least get rid of the 'flash bomb' effect on things like making a new save. Time to hit the tweak guide...

28th Oct 2005, 01:38
Im only about umpteen missions behind you...... :D

28th Oct 2005, 04:58
Im only about umpteen missions behind you...... :D
In a way, that is an enviable position to be in. There have been so many great FM's in the last couple of years, and more keep coming.

28th Oct 2005, 15:35
Replaying Thief 3 had become my habit:) Clock Tower is the my favourite place and the movie about killing Time - oh! it's nocking me off!

8th Nov 2005, 13:25
Finished - coolness!

Maybe it's time to get into the T2 FMs... Any suggestions for a Top 5?

8th Nov 2005, 14:35
Top 5???? OMG! That's just too hard! However, here are a few that you really should NOT miss.

Ominous Bequest
Rowena's Curse
Relic - Left for Dead
Hidden Agenda
Lord Alan's Fortress

There are so many more that I love that it is incredibly difficult to stop there but I'd have a list so long you wouldn't get to the end of it for the next year. Have you not played ANY of the T2 FMs, bravus?

8th Nov 2005, 15:06
I... can't remember! I played a fair few of the T1 ones, and maybe some of the T2 = but that list is all new to me, I think, so thanks so much for that (and it's lovely to hear from you again, Nightwalker!)

To the download portal, Robin! ;)