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22nd Oct 2005, 23:58
hey people, im havin so much fun playin this game its not that hard to play and its good when ur stressed up. anyway, i need a little help. Im stuck at the level called "save the dea". I have to move the bomb with one of the forklifts but the forks are always up when im back at the bomb, so i cant lift it, i have no idea how to do this ive tried so many things and all the time i have to go back. Can anyone tell me how to move the bomb, i wanna continue lol


23rd Oct 2005, 10:12
Do you have the pc version? If so use the page up/page down to move the forks. If you have a console version I'm sure someone else will jump in.

23rd Oct 2005, 11:25
i got the pc version, god... ive been pushing every key to get those forks to move but i havent tried page up and down yet, ill try that soon, thanks for now


23rd Oct 2005, 16:20
hey ppl where is sliding door located?
i successfully lifted up the bomb with a forklift and placed it on yellow mark and then it says "Ram, u need to open the sliding door and push the bomb into the train before you leave" now where is that slidding door?
thanks in advance

23rd Oct 2005, 19:40
I'm not sure if you did this, but you don't need to place the bomb on the train by itself. You just need to drive the whole forklift onto that area of the train. It'll signal that you have done so and then you can continue on with the mission.

The sliding door I believe is the gate that blocks off that area where the bomb is, which should be something you've already done.

28th Oct 2005, 20:21
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I'll have a look myself tomorrow.

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