View Full Version : Ok....Blue Screen of Death for me too!

19th Oct 2005, 01:32
I mentioned in another post that I was playing the game for days and then one day I decided to install the patch. That is when I started to get the Blue Screen of Death.

Prior to the patch, I was in land battles and had a couple sea battles. I loaded the patch and then any time I went into a land battle it would kick me out.

I am playing it on my laptop which is brand new. It is a 1.7 gig unit with an ATI Radion x600 graphics card. The driver for it is a version 6. something or other.

I removed the patch, uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but I still get the crash almost all of the time still.

Any suggestions other than to pitch the game? I would like to give it a chance.....

19th Oct 2005, 17:34
Dude i have an x600 aswell w00t. Download the latest driver and it should be fixed :thumbsup: