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18th Oct 2005, 16:47
Greetings all.

We've received information that a Turkish hacker group is currently targeting forums, specifically those dedicated to the Tomb Raider series of games. Two forums have already been hit.

I can't stress enough how important it is for all forum admins to back up their forums, including all member files and posts. This can be easily done via Telnet, for CGI based forums, and via your MySQL control panel for PhP forums.

Simple commands for tarring, and zipping, your forums and data as follows.

1. Telnet onto your web server.
2. CD to the root of your web server public directory.
3. tar -cf ROOTFOLDER.tar rootfolder

Once this has completed:

4. zip rootfolder.zip ROOTFOLDER.tar

then delete the ROOTFOLDER.tar file and download the zip.

Backups should be done on a daily basis. If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me, and again, be sure to back up your forums daily.


18th Oct 2005, 16:51
Are they after email addys or something like that? Or are they just trying to cause trouble?

18th Oct 2005, 17:35
Thanks for the heads up. :thumbsup:

18th Oct 2005, 20:43
I'm really wondering... Don't they have anything better to do than that? :mad: You know, there is another interesting thing, which is called "personal life"!!

18th Oct 2005, 21:29
Which forums were hacked into?

18th Oct 2005, 21:30
Thanks for the info Justin.

21st Oct 2005, 08:48
I'm really wondering... Don't they have anything better to do than that? :mad: You know, there is another interesting thing, which is called "personal life"!!

:D How very true! I find it sad that some can't find anything better to do.

22nd Oct 2005, 08:15
Ya, that is true and shame as well... So far what we saw, indicates that group who attacks sites engages on certain sites belonging to certain countries. As I heard, it is mainly phpBB targetted attack (as we know phpBB's still sitting ducks with no visible development, so I guess that is expected). That group, as far as we can see from their signature, is protesting some European countries which "covertly support" PKK/KADEK terroristic group bla bla...That is why they are not storming every web community around. As far as I know (as I am foreign student in Turkey myself), Italy, Greece and some other countries are considered to support PKK/Kadek - but of course, this is a belief of certain people; neither official, nor wide-spread. Anyway, to be brief, I recommend webmasters to backup at least in weekly basis. And make sure you are using reliable platforms for your web development projects. I hope this crazy idea ends soon :(

star girl
22nd Oct 2005, 13:58
WHAT?! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Oh god, and along with Ann, may I also know which forums were hacked?

22nd Oct 2005, 17:15
I have heard about people hacking the American pentagon or NASA, but hacking a TR site is just unbelievable, especially the fan sites. If they could at least hack an official site and download a Legend demo, I would appreciate it :D Kidding of course... Just a humor for this terrible incident.