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16th Oct 2005, 20:53
I bought the BradyGames IG game strategy guide which (as advised on TAFN) is not really anything other than a unit/battle stats guide with little 'meat' and lots of 'padding'.However I picked out some interesting 'facts' which I was curious to test.I must point out that I am running a patched install with modified unit stats(Icanus) and some 'Batalla' mods to units behaviour(Godkin)I used the Wales map which is ideal for 'testing as its flat as a pancake#1 'fact':Lancers are best unit to attack squares with...Appears to be totally untrue at least in this game-at best average and possibly even the worst at this!#2 'fact':Horse Arty(12lb) is more powerful than Arty(12lb).This is absolutely true!#3'fact':Howitzers have twice the 'attack strength' of 6/12 pounders.....According to basic unit stats this should be true but doesnt seem to be.....So I decided to do some extensive testing of Arty and will describe this in the next post.

16th Oct 2005, 21:00
ARTY. TESTING.I used the Wales map as defender with a unit of French millitia against various single units of(British) Arty.I have 5 cannons per unit.I have increased range of arty units to approx quarter realistic values ie 300-500m.I aimed at the millitia-unit size 100- who once targeted charge at arty .The Horse arty are definitely the most effective with an average of around 16 militia reaching the arty to attack them.'Plain' 12 pounders are next with about 28 survivors.Rockets seem to be in third place with 35 survivors while the 6 pounders are next with about 37 survivors.Lastly the Howitzers are equally bad horse drawn or not....

16th Oct 2005, 23:20
Now heres the thing if Howitzers are meant to be more lethal than other arty then why do they come in a distant last against advancing infantry?!Are they perhaps most lethal against a stationary target eg building?In general the 12 pounders are much more destructive when the enemy gets right up to them at point blank range whereas the howitzers and especially rockets are destructive from long range to qute close up-but in final 40-80m they go over the heads of attackers.Rockets and howitzers on a hill seem to be best for hitting very close targets.Theres a line like 'artillery height coefficient' in the Batalla (Godkin) folder ...maybe that would allow hitting point blank targets if modified but if its like many other factors(eg weapon reload time) it wont be straightforward.So is there a way we can understand how the "ranged attack" values for howitzers is meant to be preprogrammed to be highest ?Any line directly related to it ?In the unit stats the only difference between the various types of arty is in definitions of short/med/long ranges and % (?) accuracies at short/med/long range.And theres nothing related to it in Batalla folder either...Anyone making progress in cracking the games secrets!?On a final arty side note I read recently that long range 'airburst' ammo was used by cannons of the era as well as the short range cannister type .Wouldnt it be cool if we had that in game.I suppose we could simulate cannister by increasing accuracies in the (very) short range band....