View Full Version : Another damned failure

16th Oct 2005, 10:11
Hello, what is it? Can anybody here tells me, what it means? It blows my dromed down and It appears only when I am Cumputing pathfinding database....


John D.
16th Oct 2005, 12:59
What sort of level are you working on? How big is it? Try typing in info_window so you can give us the level stats. That way we can make sure you havent gone over any limits. You also might check your monolog report.

Edit: Just looked at the error again, what links to and inbetween any objects have you recently put in? You might try deleting those and see if it works.

17th Oct 2005, 13:56
When you get any message box you can just press Ctrl C (copy) and then the box is copied as text, which can then be pasted into your message.
Or if you want to post a screenshot, at least make it smaller so that you don't have to upload an image the size of your entire desktop.

You can (and should) make your Dromed window bigger. Open Thief2\User.cfg with a text editor and on a new line type edit_screen_depth 800 600 then save the file (and if necessary, restart Dromed).

The actual error is caused by the existence of an Elevator that isn't properly linked to any TerrPts.
A common mistake is to assume that WillOWisps are not elevators because they go 'ding ding dong ding, dong ding ding' instead of 'kkkkkkkkkkkkk', but they are elevators and have to set up as such.

To set up an Elevator correctly, link it to the TerrPt it is to share the location of when the game starts with a TPathInit flavour.
Then link the the TerrPts together in a sensible way (i.e. 1st floor To 2nd floor, 2nd floor To 3rd floor etc) using a TPath flavour, remembering to edit the Link Data for each link and defining a Speed.

If you want to create an elevator that isn't meant to move (e.g. it's broken), then you can use another (metal) object that isn't an elevator and change the 'Shape > Model Name' property to match that of the elevator of your choice.