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16th Oct 2005, 02:33
need help with starting the champaign (where to conquer researches and what to build)
and thanks in advance :p

16th Oct 2005, 17:00
Build up trade through merchant ships and try to stay friendly with everyone. Once you have some money flowing in, build a large navy. If you have a large navy your islands will be safe from invasion from other nations. Once you have the navy, its up to you how you want to proceed, either peacefully annex nations or build up an army and put them on ships.

16th Oct 2005, 21:45
Wheres the fun in that?Take a pot shot at batavia,that'll stir a bees nest in europe if you dont take them and just end up with a bruised navy go for spain and get cozy with the portugeezers :thumbsup:

6th Dec 2005, 03:39
I dunno......
In the campaign I'm playing right now (I'm Prussia, not Britain) Britain annexed Spain, Portugal, Batavia, Helvetian Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Finland..... Whole mess of places lol. No one's actually fought a war yet lol(as of 1805) except for one where I tried to take down Austria, but they killed my guys attacking them :mad: But now I have Saxony, Papal State, bought Sicily from Austria, and have a Continental Blockade with Austria :)

7th Dec 2005, 11:01
My experience with Brits is theyre good at eco. I focus on
amassing resources (spending them of course) and land and sea trade routes.
My first few researches are aimed at eco..saw mills ,food production,
then to diplomatic venues..trade and market.
Halfway thru 1st era, Ill raise a small army,but thats all because I dont plan on war for a while. You wont get attacked bcause of your location.

Keep an eye on the others, theyre much more aggressive with each other.
Of course you can force war by being agg. yourself. That too can be fun.
The battles are smaller but good experience :)

Like TE Dude says..Iberia would be a good place to start expanding.

11th Dec 2005, 19:42
The brits can get an absolutly amazing economy up and running in an incredibly short ammount of time. Also, you need not fear invasion unless you decided to disband your fleet so you can pretty chose and pick where and what to do.

You have enough gold to go the peaceful annexation way and your navy will allow you to strike any costal province at will.

Personally, I try to stay out of the European theater. Rather have Prussia, Austria and France warring with each other. Sweden and the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway is an opputunity as neither usually get annexed very fast but that brings you into conflict with Russia.

Protugal and Spain are also a nice option but taking Spain you need to be fast(If Spain does not declare war on France, they will be peacefully annexed in record time, if they do, annexed in record time). Although this WILL prompt war with France.

Of course, the pacist way would be to go directly for Africa and then work your way through to Egypt(Ottoman is likely to be part of the Austrian Empire when you get there). Then you can strike at mainland Europe from all directions, posible steal away Italy if it's not been occupied yet.

Britain is definatly the country that has the most freedom in terms of tactics, only real requirement is that you NEVER allow your navy to become weaker than the other nations, because if you do, you risk invasion of the british isles. And you really don't want to waste troops as garrison there.

General Skobby
24th Dec 2005, 17:57
Naa I send troops to attack southern italy where there asre no big countries and i can take them out quite easily. Also Denmark + Scandinavia is good to get coz it hs resources + establishes a trade root to buy food off russia