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15th Oct 2005, 22:02
!!..Long time since I've posted anything..!!!
...Maybe I'm wrong, but wouldn't be better to play LOK on a PC instead of Sony Platform or something alike :confused: ?...Well seems to me you've got a lot more room for playing the game ( talking about hours-of-play )....Besides, I'm still one of those who are a puzzle-solved, mind challenging, cut-scenes and, of course, history-telling fan.
'Don't like to sound pessimistic :( , but we all know that if a pop-singer star doesn't sell Cd's, well...time to try a different strategy ( to put it in another way ) uh ?....Don't take me wrong about this....it's just that I'm a really LOK big fan since that moment I was with my brother just browsing at Office Max when I saw this "QUEST FOR MELCHIA" game in a bargain basket...I think is one of the greatest vampire stories so far observing it was meant for PC-home-based gaming from the beginning...If it's not about bad selling-buying projections statistics.....then what is it all about anyway... :cool: ?
Remember what happened to STAR CRAFT- GHOST...?....Well, it's hard to decline on a "excellent" all-around action-adventure story just because some people won't get the same or better "results" ( earnings ) they should've expected from....See you.. :) !!