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14th Oct 2005, 16:52
Hi, before I begin dont anyone get excited/'on their high horse' about this topic if its not strictly legal-I paid full retail price for this game -go hassle someone on the sites where you can downloads games blatantly illegally for free!Sorry!Now thats out of the way ...over the last few months I have refined the game on my PC using all the great mods available here esp. those of Icanus and Godkin.Now I didnt want to install the patch for fear it messes up my install-It would reverse ALL my carefully and painstakingly typed in stats to 'stock',right!?I thought I could do a second install to a different location and say call it IG2 and patch away that installation without worry.Ive done this with MTW so I can have an independent NTW install.So why wont it work with this game?Am I doing something wrong?Is it some extra security feature?Any help appreciated as I think I might like option to slow game down with patch ...

14th Oct 2005, 19:38
When you installed the game it also putted information into the register aside from the files on your harddrive. Therefore if you launch the installer it will recognize that the game is already installed and doesn't let you do it again. The easiest way to have the game patched would be to download the alternative patch at our site (link in sig) so that you can manually install it and see what parts it changes.

Alternatively you might be able to fool the installer by removing the entries of IG (h-key-currentuser/software/pyro... + h-key/local machine/pyro from the register (export them first though, so you can easely put them back). Only go in the register if you know what your doing, and make sure to install the game on a different drive.

I'm not sure that this will actually work, I'm guessing but logicly it could work. Although I recommand the first option.

Thought I made that one part bold and red.

14th Oct 2005, 20:27
Thanks for suggestion.I removed all visible Pyro Registry entries but no luck...

15th Oct 2005, 13:48
When I was modding Battlefield 1942 I just copied the whole game folder across, IE go into Pyro Studios, then copy Imperial Glory and paste it next to the original install and rename it something different and it won't get altered by installing the patch, therefore you'll have patched and unpatched IG.

Im guessing there's nothing to stop you from doing this to IG and it's perfectly legal.

15th Oct 2005, 18:00
Nice one Oststar!That worked perfectly...and so simple!Thanks.

15th Oct 2005, 18:09
Funny ,but useful/good thing...I did a total reinstall as the patch didnt want to install (probably as I edited out Pyro registry entries).When I started my shiny new game the units were at 100/60/5(Inf/Cav/arty).Looks lie Icanus stat editor is even more powerful than we thought!

15th Oct 2005, 18:47
Wow playing with patch is great-slowing down battles fun-slow motion explosions -bodies being tossed acrobatically about etc...

15th Oct 2005, 19:48
Further discovery ...patch applied itself to BOTH installs even though I thought it had been directory to one only.

16th Oct 2005, 12:41
Further discovery ...patch applied itself to BOTH installs even though I thought it had been directory to one only.

Odd... I suppose that Pyro patches search for the installs of the game as opposed to DICE's just finding the default one. Perhaps make a quick .RAR or .ZIP of the folder if you wish to have unpatched versions.