View Full Version : Spanish speaking modders out there?

13th Oct 2005, 22:38
If any one is fluent in both writing and reading spanish (or better yet is Spanish!!) and would like to see the MNG file cracked please contact me via PM.
Thank You

14th Oct 2005, 04:09
Really now? Hmm.....what program did you use?

15th Oct 2005, 23:17
I apologize if I worded that improperly, but I needed a spanish speaking modder to help with the "play as X mod I'm working on. Eventually I would like to be able to play all of the countries (and I think we're almost there!) I don't think we'll be able to do it completely w/o access to the mng files but we can do the same thing as the play for spain mod I would hope. :)

15th Oct 2005, 23:27
Indeed, you could always open the file with notepad lol but I think we need something more sophisticated. Programing is not a strength of mine but I'll give it a try with the Spain mod and tinker with the .MNG, if I make any progress that you have not achived or already got working I'll relay the info down to you. In the Spain threat there was a post about Spain not being able to get generals or build special buildings. I've noticed this in one of my saved campaigns, the picture of an elite academy for example will be there, but you can not build one. There gotta be something some where that determines who can build what.