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11th Oct 2005, 21:22
I want to rebuild one of the original missions from Thief 2. This mission is Ambush!

I want to add more locations into, but I don't know, if it is possible. Is somewhere only construction of this mission withowt specifics (mission parameters, mission quest data...etc.)? I want to also rebuild mission objectives, but I want to left guards, maybe i remove Garrett's house... Am I able to do this with original mission?

11th Oct 2005, 21:55
Surely a lot of the mission parameters are okay?
You could change some of the NewSky settings so that, say, the moon has a different shape and the clouds move in another direction.

To clear out the objectives copy the following into a text editor:
quest_delete goal_type_0
quest_delete goal_type_1
quest_delete goal_type_2
quest_delete goal_type_3
quest_delete goal_type_4
quest_delete goal_type_5
quest_delete goal_type_6
quest_delete goal_type_7
quest_delete goal_type_8
quest_delete goal_type_9
quest_delete goal_type_10
quest_delete goal_type_11
quest_delete goal_type_12
quest_delete goal_type_13
quest_delete goal_type_14
quest_delete goal_type_15
quest_delete goal_state_0
quest_delete goal_state_1
quest_delete goal_state_2
quest_delete goal_state_3
quest_delete goal_state_4
quest_delete goal_state_5
quest_delete goal_state_6
quest_delete goal_state_7
quest_delete goal_state_8
quest_delete goal_state_9
quest_delete goal_state_10
quest_delete goal_state_11
quest_delete goal_state_12
quest_delete goal_state_13
quest_delete goal_state_14
quest_delete goal_state_15
quest_delete goal_irreversible_0
quest_delete goal_irreversible_1
quest_delete goal_irreversible_2
quest_delete goal_irreversible_3
quest_delete goal_irreversible_4
quest_delete goal_irreversible_5
quest_delete goal_irreversible_6
quest_delete goal_irreversible_7
quest_delete goal_irreversible_8
quest_delete goal_irreversible_9
quest_delete goal_irreversible_10
quest_delete goal_irreversible_11
quest_delete goal_irreversible_12
quest_delete goal_irreversible_13
quest_delete goal_irreversible_14
quest_delete goal_irreversible_15
quest_delete goal_target_0
quest_delete goal_target_1
quest_delete goal_target_2
quest_delete goal_target_3
quest_delete goal_target_4
quest_delete goal_target_5
quest_delete goal_target_6
quest_delete goal_target_7
quest_delete goal_target_8
quest_delete goal_target_9
quest_delete goal_target_10
quest_delete goal_target_11
quest_delete goal_target_12
quest_delete goal_target_13
quest_delete goal_target_14
quest_delete goal_target_15
quest_delete goal_visible_0
quest_delete goal_visible_1
quest_delete goal_visible_2
quest_delete goal_visible_3
quest_delete goal_visible_4
quest_delete goal_visible_5
quest_delete goal_visible_6
quest_delete goal_visible_7
quest_delete goal_visible_8
quest_delete goal_visible_9
quest_delete goal_visible_10
quest_delete goal_visible_11
quest_delete goal_visible_12
quest_delete goal_visible_13
quest_delete goal_visible_14
quest_delete goal_visible_15
quest_delete goal_loot_0
quest_delete goal_loot_1
quest_delete goal_loot_2
quest_delete goal_loot_3
quest_delete goal_loot_4
quest_delete goal_loot_5
quest_delete goal_loot_6
quest_delete goal_loot_7
quest_delete goal_loot_8
quest_delete goal_loot_9
quest_delete goal_loot_10
quest_delete goal_loot_11
quest_delete goal_loot_12
quest_delete goal_loot_13
quest_delete goal_loot_14
quest_delete goal_loot_15
quest_delete goal_gold_0
quest_delete goal_gold_1
quest_delete goal_gold_2
quest_delete goal_gold_3
quest_delete goal_gold_4
quest_delete goal_gold_5
quest_delete goal_gold_6
quest_delete goal_gold_7
quest_delete goal_gold_8
quest_delete goal_gold_9
quest_delete goal_gold_10
quest_delete goal_gold_11
quest_delete goal_gold_12
quest_delete goal_gold_13
quest_delete goal_gold_14
quest_delete goal_gold_15
quest_delete goal_gems_0
quest_delete goal_gems_1
quest_delete goal_gems_2
quest_delete goal_gems_3
quest_delete goal_gems_4
quest_delete goal_gems_5
quest_delete goal_gems_6
quest_delete goal_gems_7
quest_delete goal_gems_8
quest_delete goal_gems_9
quest_delete goal_gems_10
quest_delete goal_gems_11
quest_delete goal_gems_12
quest_delete goal_gems_13
quest_delete goal_gems_14
quest_delete goal_gems_15
quest_delete goal_goods_0
quest_delete goal_goods_1
quest_delete goal_goods_2
quest_delete goal_goods_3
quest_delete goal_goods_4
quest_delete goal_goods_5
quest_delete goal_goods_6
quest_delete goal_goods_7
quest_delete goal_goods_8
quest_delete goal_goods_9
quest_delete goal_goods_10
quest_delete goal_goods_11
quest_delete goal_goods_12
quest_delete goal_goods_13
quest_delete goal_goods_14
quest_delete goal_goods_15
quest_delete goal_final_0
quest_delete goal_final_1
quest_delete goal_final_2
quest_delete goal_final_3
quest_delete goal_final_4
quest_delete goal_final_5
quest_delete goal_final_6
quest_delete goal_final_7
quest_delete goal_final_8
quest_delete goal_final_9
quest_delete goal_final_10
quest_delete goal_final_11
quest_delete goal_final_12
quest_delete goal_final_13
quest_delete goal_final_14
quest_delete goal_final_15
quest_delete goal_special_0
quest_delete goal_special_1
quest_delete goal_special_2
quest_delete goal_special_3
quest_delete goal_special_4
quest_delete goal_special_5
quest_delete goal_special_6
quest_delete goal_special_7
quest_delete goal_special_8
quest_delete goal_special_9
quest_delete goal_special_10
quest_delete goal_special_11
quest_delete goal_special_12
quest_delete goal_special_13
quest_delete goal_special_14
quest_delete goal_special_15
quest_delete goal_specials_0
quest_delete goal_specials_1
quest_delete goal_specials_2
quest_delete goal_specials_3
quest_delete goal_specials_4
quest_delete goal_specials_5
quest_delete goal_specials_6
quest_delete goal_specials_7
quest_delete goal_specials_8
quest_delete goal_specials_9
quest_delete goal_specials_10
quest_delete goal_specials_11
quest_delete goal_specials_12
quest_delete goal_specials_13
quest_delete goal_specials_14
quest_delete goal_specials_15
quest_delete goal_optional_0
quest_delete goal_optional_1
quest_delete goal_optional_2
quest_delete goal_optional_3
quest_delete goal_optional_4
quest_delete goal_optional_5
quest_delete goal_optional_6
quest_delete goal_optional_7
quest_delete goal_optional_8
quest_delete goal_optional_9
quest_delete goal_optional_10
quest_delete goal_optional_11
quest_delete goal_optional_12
quest_delete goal_optional_13
quest_delete goal_optional_14
quest_delete goal_optional_15
quest_delete goal_bonus_0
quest_delete goal_bonus_1
quest_delete goal_bonus_2
quest_delete goal_bonus_3
quest_delete goal_bonus_4
quest_delete goal_bonus_5
quest_delete goal_bonus_6
quest_delete goal_bonus_7
quest_delete goal_bonus_8
quest_delete goal_bonus_9
quest_delete goal_bonus_10
quest_delete goal_bonus_11
quest_delete goal_bonus_12
quest_delete goal_bonus_13
quest_delete goal_bonus_14
quest_delete goal_bonus_15
quest_delete goal_min_diff_0

and save the file.
Run the file in dromed (type run followed by a space then the filename, plus the extention)

You may have to manually delete what's left over:
Type quest_delete qvarname for each qvar that you don't want.

You'll need the unstripped version of the mission so that all brushes are present. You can get it here:

It may be best to use the Trace the Courier map instead. it has the cemetary, plus Garrett's old apartment is already more or less empty and the windows blocked off.
It would add a nice touch if someone else had now moved in.

12th Oct 2005, 08:21
Trace the Cuorier is good map, but I am afraid of be not able to remove Sgt. Mosley and the Pagan courier... But I woll try it... Ok...

But you can give me some advices about it... I am sure to need them...

17th Oct 2005, 14:39
Coincidentally, my upcoming mission Broad Daylight uses Ambush! as its base. So yes, it's quite possible.