View Full Version : Agent 47's signature weapon? 2x Ballers or Beretta SD?

11th Oct 2005, 14:25
I'm planning on putting together an agent 47 costume for DragonCon next year. Its pretty simple so far. Black suit, black shoes, white shirt, red tie, black gloves, bald cap, and a bar code stencil. But I'm having trouble deciding which props I should use to complete the costume. So I'm here to ask this forum which says Agent 47 to you more?? The 2 silver ballers or a silenced beretta?? I'm thinking silenced beretta. I guess mainly cause thats the weapon I use the most and it would also give those unfamiliar with Hitman an idea of the character I'm dressed as. However in almost every picture I see of 47 he's using the ballers.

Thoughts?? Suggestions??

13th Nov 2005, 19:36
Ballers definately! :thumbsup:
That's what I would go with.
If you want a silenced weapon, why not have the silenced ballers?
Just an idea.

30th May 2006, 02:08
YEah I would definetly go w/the 2 ballers, silenced or unsilenced they're still a great design and weapons for 47. Makes him look more professional and coo!:rolleyes: