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9th Oct 2005, 06:24
It would be cool if someone made a in depth civil war mod. Im not sure if its possible or not but it would be good if someone attempted to make it at least... :cool:

9th Oct 2005, 12:00
Do you mean English or American Civil War?Presuming not Irish or Spanish...sure every country has probably had a civil war.Seriously there are a lot of English people on the forums who might be more interested in the first.I suppose technology is most appropriate to American Civil War-did they have squares then?

9th Oct 2005, 15:35
Infantry wasn't trained to use squares in the American Civil War. This is because Calvary wasn't used for Charging and there was no heavy calvary. Calvary was used for quick hit and run tactics, to cover flanks, to scout, but it was rarely ever used to charge with swords drawn.

So really the only calvary you would use from IG would be the dragoon model.

10th Oct 2005, 16:08
I was thinking a mod for the Irish rebellion myself... (1798) This is around then...

10th Oct 2005, 16:29
Well Im Irish(Kildare)...and Irish2 Im guessing is too(!) Colmde sounds pretty Irish too...so the last three posters have been Irish!?Obviously this game has a big Irish following(was still in top 20 in Virgin/Game charts until very recently-mind you so was some Cricket PC game -an extremely obscure sport in these parts...-so Im not sure how carefully these charts are compiled).I guess for an Irish Rebellion-1798-mod you would just use "Redcoats"(Line Infantry?) with some nations "Militia" for rebels...Excuse my ignorance but werent some French soldiers (meant to be but didnt turn up!?)involved too?The "Ireland" map is one of my faves-great for lobbing arty at enemy -bit of a hill and a river-Pity we dont have bigger maps to support Icanus'bigger units...Slan!

Sir Crow
10th Oct 2005, 23:41
Myself I would love to see an English Civil war mod, Ireland was involved so you wouldn't miss out as was Scotland too. Trouble with Civil war mods is there general appeal. I doubt if the Irish would play an English mod and I wouldn't play an Irish or American one, just boils down to what the masses want.

16th Oct 2005, 19:58
sorry i guess i meant american civil war, but im going to start making a mod called Glory 1861. its gonna be very in-depth and will take a long time to make but it should be worth it

Sir Crow
3rd Nov 2005, 16:02
What happened in 1861 that was so glorious then?

4th Nov 2005, 09:30
well glory refers to the title imperial glory. we are just making a game title similar to the original but still unique. As for what happened in 1861, the civil war begins as britian owns one of the greatest empires in history and in sure that there was glory on both side (in the civil war in america, and in the british empire in europe) :thumbsup:

8th Nov 2005, 09:28
so there will be the union and the confederates for me im AMERICAN and i will want to see wgat happens if the confederates and the union join forces and take all of north america and all of south america and take on europe (and please add that ship in the movie sahrah were the Confederates had these ships called Ironclads)

8th Nov 2005, 15:52
ohh, that would be sooo cool, im from belgium, but i love the american civil war

11th Nov 2005, 21:03
When will it be avalable? and where? I do American Civil War reenacting :D

11th Nov 2005, 21:22
If I am not mistaken, the Confederacy only had one ironclad ship, the Virginia. Though, I think it was also known by another name since it was a captured Union ship, then moddified with metal.

12th Nov 2005, 18:13
The Union had the U.S.S Monitor and the Confederacy had the C.S.S Virginia.When Virginia seceded from the Union, the Union was told to destroy it and the Norfolk Naval Shipyard base rather than allow it to fall into Confederate hands. The steam frigater USS Merrimack sank before it completely burned. When the Confederates entered the yard, they raised the Merrimack and decided to use the hull to build an ironclad. So it was a Union ship at first but the conferderacy renamed it as the C.S.S Virginia.
Both had more that one, the Union had alot more. Not shure how much. Hope that helps. ;)