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7th Oct 2005, 19:31
Hi, everyone. I'm a fan of the Legacy of Kain series from Brazil. I would like to know if, and where, I can find the transcription for the dialogues in LOK titles. I already finished all of the games, but my english is poor and I can understand only 60-70% of the speech...
Don't need the text for SR2 and Defiance, though (the cutscenes have subtitles). Thanks!!
Kain rules!

8th Oct 2005, 09:05
Yo man. Some things are complicated then its hard to understand (end of defiance alot of talk) but I don`t play with subtitles because it`s looks kinda weird.

Here for BO2, SR2 and Defiance:

And Here BO1 and SR1 too:

11th Oct 2005, 00:20
VERY, VERY thanks, DMRaider. I just took a look at it and I found it killer; it was exactly what I needed. Now, as if I wasn't bothering enough... :o do you have it for Tomb Raider, too?

11th Oct 2005, 14:42
I just found one :) http://www.planetlara.com/fmv_transcipts.asp

12th Oct 2005, 00:57
Yessss!! Thanks, WraithStar! :D Another cool site.

12th Oct 2005, 03:05
I'm glad I could help :)

12th Oct 2005, 09:07
No problem :D

12th Oct 2005, 14:48
I've often wondered why CD and Eidos run games in English, French, German, and a few Oriental languages, but don't seem to push Spanish (of any dialect - there really are several different "versions" of the Spanish language out there). This is confusing to me largely because Spanish is one of the most-spoken languages in the world - indeed, it is almost a required second language for doing business in America these days.

12th Oct 2005, 17:33
Well, the French is probably so they can do business in Canada. Germany is really into games, I think, so the German would be very useful. Maybe they just didn't plan to make big sales in countries where Spanish is the primary language?

13th Oct 2005, 00:06
Everyone is talking about spanish... but I think you know we speak portuguese here! There aren't many titles translated to our language because only a few game publishers operate here (EA,Ubisoft and a couple more I which don't remember now. As for consoles, I think only the XBOX is officially supported...we are really out of the video game market.
But now I was thinking of it: What is the situation in Portugal? I already played some european games with portuguese text (not speech), but there aren't many either.

13th Oct 2005, 16:33
I know Portuguese is spoken in Brazil. I was just responding to the other post, which I think was more focused on Spanish being popular in the USA. No offense was meant :)

13th Oct 2005, 16:39
Ok, I know, I know :) I didn't mean that either :) :thumbsup: