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7th Oct 2005, 01:49
Greetings all.

What with all the new juicy bits of information we've gleaned over the past couple of days, we've completely re-written our Tomb Raider Legend - Game Synopsis. New chapters include:

1. Introducing Lara Croft
2. Lara Croft model
3. Outfits
4. Storyline
5. Characters
6. Moves
7 Weapons and equipment
8. Locations
9. Vehicles
10. Game mechanics
11. Puzzles
12. Save system
13. Game engine
14. Graphics
15. Sound
16. Control system
17. Release date
18. Formats
19. Copyright summary

Our Tomb Raider Legend - Game Synopsis can be found here:





7th Oct 2005, 07:12
The revamped control system provides intuitive and fluid character movement. Dynamic animation system puts focus on continuous motion, giving Lara the ability to seamlessly handle any obstacle and interact dynamically with any surface. Prince of Persia control system is one of great inspiration for Crystal Dynamics.

If you look at Lara in the previous incarnations, she was more life like in her movements... even in AOD, albeit sticky control wise... The Prince of Persia movements/animation, are more likened to that of a cartoon character, this makes Lara look more cartoon like. Take a look at the point when she pulls herself up onto a ledge and you'll see what I mean for one example.

Personally I hated the way the character moved in Prince of Persia comapred to the way Lara moved, but "the ability to seamlessly handle any obstacle and interact dynamically with any surface" does sound an added bonus.

Oh and, nicely laid out M. :cool:

15th Dec 2005, 01:51
We've updated our Tomb Raider Legend Game Synopsis with a bunch of new information culled and pooled from print media properties and directly from Eidos. You can view our update synopsis here:


A special PDF version will be available soon, packed with more info and pictures.



15th Dec 2005, 01:57
Why have a PDF version? To compress pictures?

15th Dec 2005, 03:20
Bloodrayne 2 kind of had Prince of Persias control.. very fluid and acrobatic. This will make a nice touch to Tomb Raider. The problem with the earlier games is she moved around like she was an alchoholic. And after playing the last Prince of Persia and Bloodrayne 2 I was really impressed with the fluid control. The only issue is that means I'll need a new gamepad. Using the keyboard with those games is a *****.

15th Dec 2005, 19:29
like an alcoholic.. rofl..

so when can I see this game good grief! (the hype is killin me)