View Full Version : Replacing Spain

6th Oct 2005, 22:34
Has anyone had any luck in replacing Spain(from the great mod available)?
I've got the respective files down to the UI but I cant get it from there :confused:
Any help would be appreciated. :D

6th Oct 2005, 23:05
you can download mod spain here --> www.mod-project.com ;)

6th Oct 2005, 23:57
I'm dense :o , I meant to say replacing Spain with another country- say Denmark or Sweden instead of Spain as in the Mod. The file "DefModeloGestion" controls the swap of countries I believe but I cant access it because I dont have the program to read MNG. I've downloaded the two files from TAFN but their not apps. All the other files from "Play as Spain" generally revolve around swapping pictures and such I believe. Any help would be appreciated :thumbsup: