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4th Oct 2005, 23:45
Select your chosen review score in the poll, and feel free to post a message explaining why you chose that score. ;)


5th Oct 2005, 10:04

Copy paste from other thread :rolleyes:

Good things:
Personally I like the whole theme & story more than San Andreas. It's a non stop action game so great gameplay. Music and voice acting is very good. Good replayability the fact that you can select your missions from the menu is great. Loco moves are genius, good combo system, fun moments.

Things that need some improvement:
- The stronger guns always seem to run out of ammo very fast,
- enemies sometimes appear out of nowhere

't was a pity that the ending was a bit open ended though

18th Oct 2005, 04:07
comedy - yay.
action - good
original concept: combining Once Upon a Time in Mexico, THPS, Max Payne, and Grand theft auto pwns
Technical problems - cant play for more than 15 min. sucks.

I give it a 9.1 until its fixed. Lazy hos. lol.

18th Oct 2005, 21:00

Good Things
Loco moves are great. The story was fun. Also, missions were cut into nice pieces, but still weren't painfully obvious. By this, I mean that you weren't told each thing you had to do. They say 'you have to open that door' or 'find your way to the ____' but they didn't say 'you have to hit that switch by the ____' or 'you need to climb on that crate and then go up that ladder and then walk down the corridor.....'

I also liked the varied areas. A lot of games sometimes bore you by going into similar-looking buildings, but this had a nice variety of areas to do stuff in.

Things that need improvement
I didn't like how the cars responded. This may be skewed because I'm very used to how GTA does it, but I think GTA's car mechanics were better (mostly in terms of turning). Also, while going into the car, you could make the car start moving before the character is fully in the car.

I also found all the load screens (speaking for the PS2 version) annoying. There was a load screen before the main screen, a load screen when loading your savegame, and then a load screen to load the area your savegame takes place in. And on the subject of load screens, the load screens when going to different towns wasn't very enjoyable either. To me a 'virtual world' feels bigger when you have the freedom to travel to the next area without being cut off and waiting for a load screen.


But to keep from looking like I'm dissing the game, I did enjoy it very much. :thumbsup:

21st May 2006, 12:30
this game is the best i ever played :) :D ;)

20th Mar 2007, 16:30
i gave it a 8.8. i encountered none of the bugs. i guess i was just lucky.

15th Apr 2007, 06:19
I gave it a 9. I've played it on PS2 and PC and I think it is better on PC with keyboard and mouse (head shots are alot easier). This game is just rippin-s&%t-up fun. I love the massive action sequences and level of destruction, like when you have to blow up the fertilizer towers. The 'shoot-dodge' moves are a highlight of the sweet gameplay. Graphics are good, soundtrack is great with heaps of Molotov songs (Mexican rap-rock band), story is enjoyable. I cannot fault this game, it's just big dumb fun. I would call it Max Payne + The Matrix + GTA + a Robert Rodriguez film = freakin awesome. I would love to see a sequel.

5th Jul 2007, 13:33
This was one fun game to play. I loved the whole idea of it. The combo moves in a shooting game and certain points totals to reach in order to beat the various challenges. Was hooked on it when playing it.

22nd Sep 2007, 22:56

I love this game... played it in 2005.. and now in 2007 I found my CD and installed the game again.. I would love to see TO 2:D :D

2nd Mar 2008, 08:37
I give it a ten.... MAN THIS GAME ROCKS!!! i know the graphics aren't so good and that the game is to short... but i like the loco moves and bullet time :D

28th Jun 2008, 21:36
Graphs are infact better than in any gta game, faces look more realistic AND ALIVE. Every face in the gta series seems to share the "dead, blank and cold"
-expression ( in a bad way)

Being a nostalgia*** I love how there are these "score numbers" scattered around everywhere like in some arcade game.

Soundtrack... wow!

Violence is so insane that it's humorous! It's like no one in the design team gave two ****s if some mob of anti-violence-in-video-games -people game to their door to scream silly things.

one-liners "-I didn't know that iguanas could drive! -Chica, Tu madre!"

10+ out of friggn' 10+

After playing this game I wondered why wasn't it more famous than the gta -series?

16th May 2010, 08:56
You could try the demo and see if you like it?

4th Jul 2010, 20:42
You could try the demo and see if you like it?

ha ha, this is nothin' but a huge violent, drugged up sex orgy !!

sooo like 'true crime - streets of la' !!

21st May 2014, 08:37
wow wow! wow! great game never played anything like this great action !!!plz make sequel !!!