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4th Oct 2005, 23:15
Tomb Raider: Legend

by Matt Leone 10/04/2005

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As one of the shortest trailers shown at Microsoft's X05 event in Amsterdam today, Edios' first showing of Tomb Raider: Legend on Xbox 360 was impressive -- but clearly designed for the show rather than just being repesentative of actual gameplay. The teaser showed series heorine Lara Croft running down a corridor, avoiding traps that are pouring out the sides of the walls and performing acrobatic flips that showcase her as one of the most athletic characters in video game land.

It was all very nicely animated, as Lara moved out of the way of spikes and other obstacles. Compared to the current generation version of Legend, the Lara character model appears to be much smoother, with almost a CG look to her. But as the end of the trailer revealed Lara turning and talking to the camera, letting the audience know to look out for more on the next-gen version of the game soon, we're not so sure the character model shown will be representative of what we'll see in the final game.

Regardless, you can look out for all versions of Legend in 2006. While not everything in the teaser was exactly as it will be in the final game, much of it seemed to be, and we're excited to see it as one of the few multi-platform games that looks like it'll be significantly different on 360.


I would have loved to see the footage of Lara talking to the audience. Wonder who the voice belongs to... :)

4th Oct 2005, 23:19
Here is some info on the conference. I had never heard of it so I looked it up...

The Countdown for Xbox 360 Begins at X05
10.04.2005 12:33 | Dusty | Xbox 360

A 19th-century industrial plant in Amsterdam was transformed into a sizzling showcase for the Xbox 360 on 4th and 5th October as more than 1,000 members of the press and retail representatives gathered to get the definitive lowdown on the Xbox 360 launch for Europe and North America at X05, the Xbox brand experience for the games and entertainment industry.

X05 was the backdrop for several major announcements, proving that Xbox — and partners — are ready to revolutionise gaming and entertainment with their next-generation-defining video games and entertainment system, Xbox 360. The biggest news was game-related, with Xbox taking the opportunity to confirm the fantastic titles that will be coming to the platform before Christmas 2005, as well as revealing some of the more than 200 new titles in development for Xbox 360.

Peter Moore, corporate vice president of Worldwide Marketing and Publishing for Xbox at Microsoft, reiterated today's announcement from Universal Studios that triple Academy Award winners Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh will serve as the executive producers of "Halo," the upcoming feature film based on Microsoft's phenomenally popular video game. This unique alliance between Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Microsoft, and Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh promises a step forward in motion picture production. "Halo" will benefit from the experience and resources of the film studios, from Microsoft's groundbreaking vision and from Jackson's and Walsh's creative sensibilities and expertise in both traditional filmmaking and the world of emerging digital technologies.

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) Executive Vice President and General Manager of International Publishing Gerhard Florin took to the stage to announce the Xbox 360 exclusive "FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup" and confirm "Godfather," "Burnout" and "Battlefield" — along with a new franchise, "Superman" — as coming soon to Xbox 360. Ubisoft Entertainment chose X05 to announce the return of Sam Fisher in "Splinter Cell 4." In addition, id Software Inc. CEO Todd Hollenshead revealed the seminal "Castle Wolfenstein" for Xbox 360.

READ MORE.. (http://www.xbox360news.com/Blogs/News/hqs/blr_662.aspx)


4th Oct 2005, 23:38
Here's 3 seconds of the TRL video (http://media3.xboxyde.com/dl.php/19cdc1753c7f5a16825d89e50c9b0913/videos/x05_press_mix.avi) lol (it starts at about 1:20 in the video, there are several other games on the same trailer).

5th Oct 2005, 00:13
Says IE cannot connect :(

5th Oct 2005, 00:22
It's because that's a unique link. You have to go download it from here:


5th Oct 2005, 00:23
I am doing that right now... download is 19kb/sec. :( Anyone want to host the file? :D

5th Oct 2005, 00:45
Download server 3 from that site is downloading at 300 kbps for me, may wanna try that out.

5th Oct 2005, 00:55
:eek: :eek: :eek: I just saw the new Lara...OMG!!!!

Someone should really host this.... all 3 seconds. :p :D

5th Oct 2005, 01:05
Here's a video with just the TRL section.


Hopefully tombraider.com will have a heck of a lot more to throw at us tomorrow. :)

5th Oct 2005, 01:18
thanks yesrushdt for video. :)

http://img305.imageshack.us/img305/7273/x05pressmix25kk.jpg http://img305.imageshack.us/img305/1930/x05pressmix18mu.jpg

This is about the only screens that came out. Loved the flip.... :cool:

Whoever made the trailer mix did a really good job. Didn't it seem like in every trailer the cars got faster and the guns got bigger? :rolleyes:

5th Oct 2005, 01:24

5th Oct 2005, 03:07
If this trailer is of actual in game gameplay footage (or really close to it), I just might have to buy a 360 when it comes out! :D

Lara Croft Online
5th Oct 2005, 04:19
I agree .. That is like FMV quality. If thats actual gameplay I forsee myself
getting an XBox 360. Thats exactly where TR should be I'm impressed.

5th Oct 2005, 08:51
Very nice but.......LOL, if anyone thinks that actual gameplay footage, they are going to be very disapointed.... maybe in a few years time we might have gameplay like that.

5th Oct 2005, 15:00
if the PS2 can pull of the graphics in Shadow of the Colossus, then the 360 for sure can have those shots as gameplay footage.

we'll see i guess.

(i may have to buck up and get me an XBox)

5th Oct 2005, 16:53
Shadow of the Colossus
Ahhhhhh, looking forward to that baby. :)

5th Oct 2005, 18:39
Me too- it's whats gonna tide me over til TRL comes out

5th Oct 2005, 18:51
Graphics for SOC look good but I don't how I'll like the gameplay. From the descriptions I've read the only enemy you face is the giant in each of the levels. All the other time you're traveling around on your horse from location to location. I'll give it a chance but I remain skeptical.

5th Oct 2005, 19:13
I loved ICO. If it is like that one, I'll love it too. :cool:

5th Oct 2005, 23:25
Here's a 1280x720 version of the same XBOX 360 trailer. Looks amazing on my plasma tv. :eek:


6th Oct 2005, 00:23
Must be nice to have a plama tv... I bet Legend will look superb on it. :)

6th Oct 2005, 02:46
Yeah, I'm really happy with it. Able to play all of my PC games on it (was revisiting TR2 over the weekend :)), surf the web, watch tv shows in high def, etc. all with a decent resolution. I'm sure my jaw is going to be on the floor once I'm able to play the TRL demo on it.;)