View Full Version : Really Weird Graphic problem

3rd Oct 2005, 13:50
Any of u guys ever seen this ???

My imperial glory was fine - displayed OK and so forth but for some reason when i start it up now i get lines all down the screen which is distracting to the point of insanity.

I got it once on the demo but it seemed to go away after I uninstalled that and installed the full game but now for some unapparent reason its back.

I didn't make any changes to provoke it and now i have tried reinstalling drivers / uninstalling / reinstalling the game etc and nothing makes a blind bit of difference. I even restored the system back a couple of days with no result.

I'm using a tft screen (19 inch) and a Geforce4 ti4400 platinum card

3rd Oct 2005, 16:08
I had the same problem with the same card, i fixed by unfortunatly buying a new card a 6600GT DDR3 128 runs like a charm now. when i had a battle i had brown search light beams that came of each unit and shot straight up into the sky, 10,000 chopsticks marching into war.

the reason this happend btw was becouse i dropped me puter 2cm when moving it. Apparently graphics card didnt like it, i also found it done it on rtw to .