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2nd Oct 2005, 15:23
Where do you find the file for ai to stop trading in tech points for cash, i cant find the post

2nd Oct 2005, 16:50
Here you go, from godkin:

Secondly to make AI catch up with player in reseach progress, I gonna stop them from trading their reseach points for money. Just go to C:\Pyro Studios\Imperial Glory\Game\GameModes\Gestion\IA\Default,and open IADefsMinistroTecnologico.sb.At the bottom lies the line VALOR_MAXIMO_CONVERSION_CIENCIA , pl set the value to 0, and AI won't do that anymore.

3rd Oct 2005, 08:48
cheers m8 exactly what i was looking for, i must have been tired i tried for two hours going through nearly every post last night :o

3rd Oct 2005, 17:11
So if this is changed, does the AI now research more. Does it produce better units or does it keep producing militia?

5th Oct 2005, 04:54
this is to stop it trading in research points for gold and stay in the dark ages

5th Oct 2005, 13:49
Yes, but does it help the AI create better units as a result of their research habits?

7th Oct 2005, 09:23
no that goes to a mod made by johan, you can find it on the TAFN site under battle mod

8th Oct 2005, 05:14
This seems to be working, after 1 year, Russia has reasearched 2 techs and britain 1, have to see if it continues.