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2nd Oct 2005, 06:57
Walk of Game VOTE FOR LARA !
Hey guys please vote for Lara Croft !
She has to win !
But you have to register to vote,and you can vote whit diffrent e-mails.
But you van vte 1 time per day.
Lara is doing fine on list she has to win!

The Sims 43.0%
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) 39.6%
Mortal Kombat 27.9%
Grand Theft Auto 24.2%
Final Fantasy 22.1%
Pac-Man 20.3%
Resident Evil 18.6%
Tetris 18.2%
Donkey Kong 15.8%
Street Fighter II 11.9%
Half-Life 11.6%
Doom 11.2%
Civilization 11.1%
Myst 10.9%
Quake 10.9%
Pong 10.8%
Frogger 10.8%
Fox McCloud (Star Fox) 10.7%
EverQuest 10.5%
StarCraft 10.3%
Samus Aran (Metroid) 10.3%
Castlevania 10.2%
Madden NFL 10.1%
Pitfall Harry (Pitfall!) 9.7%
Space Invaders 9.4% :D

WALK OF GAME VOTE FOR LARA CROFT (http://www.walkofgame.com)

2nd Oct 2005, 08:03
Well I would have voted for Doom if I didn't have to register...... that was the first great landmark in gaming. Lara is close, but i'll have to see something more playable from the Tombraider series (since Revelations) before she's number one.

2nd Oct 2005, 08:50
Since Tomb Raider (one) was the best game ever, I voted for that. ;) Tomb Raider Two and Three are also in my top 5 Best games ever, so I wish I could have voted three of the four spots for Lara Croft. She's also the best character in a computer game, because she can be anything, just like a real girl.

I also really liked Civilization and Sim City. The original Final Fantasys on Nintendo were great. I have played so many games, on so many platforms, but Tomb Raider was the one that was most innovative and such a sheer pleasure to immerse in, that it makes most other games pale in comparison.

That's why I am here. I love this game! :D

;) http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=53757

4th Oct 2005, 09:01
Don't forget to vote again today. :)

... and tomorrow. :)

... and the day after. :)

4th Oct 2005, 19:00
I voted...and I'll vote again and again and again...

4th Oct 2005, 19:14
Kinda makes it all a waste of time somewhat, I mean the bloody poll isn't going to give a true result anyway, so what's the point... :confused:

Mangar The Dark
4th Oct 2005, 19:56
How could Pac-Man and Donkey Kong be so low on that list?! Geez, they deserve it more than any of these later games-- they pretty much got the video game industry moving.

And Pitfall Harry! Poor guy. He was raiding treasures from ancient cultures long before Lara was even born!

Legendary Lara Croft
6th Oct 2005, 02:26
we need more voters! please invite everyone you know to vote! Do NOT vote for Sims

Legendary Lara Croft
6th Oct 2005, 17:52
Lara is on the 4th place now :mad: Don't forget to vote every day!

Mangar The Dark
6th Oct 2005, 18:16
Hey, I just noticed Frogger is there too... hmmm.....

Now it's a tough choice: Pac-Man, Donkey Kong or Frogger... which to choose....
Gotta love that classic Frogger theme song (and who hasn't played "real life" Frogger while walking across an overpass over a busy thruway?), but Pac-Man really gave the whole game industry the boost it needed. On the other hand, of those old classics, I was more of a Donkey Kong fan. Decisions, decisions.

6th Oct 2005, 19:51
Just voted :cool:


EverQuest 32.5%
Final Fantasy 29.8%
The Sims 27.0%
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) 26.7%
Pac-Man 21.3%
Tetris 21.2%
Grand Theft Auto 19.0%
Resident Evil 16.9%
StarCraft 16.8%
Civilization 16.5%
Doom 15.5%
Donkey Kong 15.2%
Half-Life 14.7%
Mortal Kombat 13.6%
Samus Aran (Metroid) 13.0%
Street Fighter II 11.5%
Pong 10.8%
Castlevania 10.7%
Myst 10.6%
Quake 10.1%
Madden NFL 9.7%
Space Invaders 9.6%
Frogger 9.6%
Pitfall Harry (Pitfall!) 9.2%
Fox McCloud (Star Fox) 8.8%