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1st Oct 2005, 22:41
This is on the XBOX version

I am stuck on the Escort the Trucks mission. It tells me to destroy the roadblock so the trucks can pass, so I destroy everything , but the trucks wont move , and when I look at the radar it appears that there is an enemy way way off the screen. When I go searching for him , no luck. This is so frustrating , there is nothing I can do . Also it seems as if cars and such disappear for no reason. While doing a forklift challenged in the port it tells me to take the forklift to the dock , but as i get near to the forklift is disappears, the same thing happens when I have to move boxes to retrieve a car on the port level as well , once the boxes are moved the car vanishes right before my eyes , I cant seem to get past these missions and am stuck in the game because of it , PLEASE HELP!!

PS I have tried numerous time to reset and retry but no luck :mad: