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1st Oct 2005, 22:11
Total Overdose Review (Xbox)
By: Dale Nardozzi - "Legba"
September 30th, 2005

Ahhh, there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold cerveza and an interesting Mexican drug cartel videogame. While I can always run to the grocery store for additional cervezas, I can’t just run to the gaming store and pick up a Mexican drug cartel game; they are rare birds. So rare, in fact, that I’m guessing Deadline Games’/Eidos’ Total Overdose is about the only choice.

If you happened to see Traffic or Man on Fire you will agree with me that Total Overdose at least comes at us with interesting subject matter. I like drugs, er, I mean stories about drugs, third-person shooters, and piñatas, so Total Overdose is already leaving the dock on the right course. Now let’s see if Total Overdose is cause for fiesta or siesta…


If you haven’t deduced it from the intro, Total Overdose crosses the border and takes place in Mexico. Ram Cruz will be your tour guide for this off-the-wall adventure, whose story revolves around drug trafficking. Ram is a merc of sorts who is hired by the DEA to crack the biggest drug cartel in South America. Ram is more than happy to oblige the government, since the drug cartel has been directly linked to the slaying of Old Man Cruz. Sounds like the role Antonio Banderas was born to play. Makes sense, since Deadline has borrowed heavily from Rodriguez in nearly every instance. And why isn’t Ram’s gung-ho brother out there clearing Papi’s name? He tried. Ram’s brother took a grenade in the face while trying to wipe out the cartel that supposedly set up his father (a former DEA agent), so he’s asked Ramolito to try and uncover this scandal.

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