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1st Oct 2005, 18:55
Can you play the battle of trafalger please answer

3rd Oct 2005, 00:29
Yes you can.

thats where the Horatio Nelson get killed during the battle. all you have to do, go to Sea mode, then close your eyes and pretend like youre the Admiral Nelson on Liberty. with only 1 British Ship of the line (( Victory dussss ))

and il lbe the Admiral Velleneuve. with 12 France and spain fleets

ifyou still won the game.. you tell me okay ? If not !!, call ObiwanKenobi, cause he only the only hope.

:p RESPECT !!!! :thumbsup:

3rd Oct 2005, 08:28
LOL save me obi one, ur my only hope.

go to historical battles file, scroll down to Trafalger and you will see a lot of ######## after the word Trafalger, delete them and you will be able to play it when you select the bay of cadez region in hist battles. i think it got canned becouse the date when you start says 1803, i thought it was 1805, being as this is the bi-centenerie and all