View Full Version : Musket First Person Shooter!?

1st Oct 2005, 17:39
Was browsing through the current issue of PC Gamer(UK)It seems there is some kind of "HL2 War of Independence"(America 1700s?) Mod.Now I know nothing about the fps genre but imagine a Napoleonic First Person Shooter.There would be money in that!

Sir Crow
1st Oct 2005, 23:47
This mod has been around for ages m8, a couple of years if not longer. It's called Battlegrounds for Half Life 1 and was pretty good, they have however released Battlegrounds source for hl2 which in my opinion is better in all departments as it still is an ongoing beta it still needs tiding up here and there but is still available for anyone to DL. Both versions are based on the American Revolution so strictly it is not Napoleonic, would have been nice to see a French unit in there too but never mind. Once you play it though it is addictive and timing those bayonet thrusts takes some getting used to. And watch out for a cheat on one of the maps where the Americans can get 'underneath' a map and shoot from under a hill, only way they can win I suppose, lol. I think there is also a true Napoleonic FPS mod for Operation Flashpoint but I couldn't get it to work.