View Full Version : Gah! Danish pastry.

1st Oct 2005, 16:51
This isn't a bug report or anything, just something extremely annoying that just happened. I'm really enjoying the game, but this incident was 'mildly irritating' (read:teeth-grittingly, bedwettingly, mindbogglingly frustrating). Anyway, A few of my British sloops engaged a single Danish vessel off a Danish port. Naturally, it was getting torn to shreds, so the Danes decide to leg it. Unfortunately, they can't leave the area, so it just sits slightly out of cannon range, in the 'leaving engagement' area. Snarl. Rage. Fume. Vent. I managed to lose the battle (after a good 30 minutes sniping at it), and came here to *****. Thank you for your time ;).

*EDIT* - that's a curse word? I thought it was just common vernacular by now.