View Full Version : Now an easy one.

1st Oct 2005, 09:00

this should be an easy question for you all.

my simple question is....
..... whats the newest version of SR2?? Is it 1.02?? or is there a newer.

And now a more complicated question:

What is the Legacy of Kain. I mean maybe Kain is not the protagonist of LoK.

Maybe it just is about the legacy of Kain. but what is that?

Is it Raziel??
Is it the whole story??
Is it the destruction of the pillars??
Or is it the Soul Reaver??

(Maybe its the Elder God but I think thats simply rubbish)

1st Oct 2005, 20:55
It's about Kain, and his legacy.
The Game takes place in Nosgoth, but's it's all centered around Kain.
BO- played as Kain
BO2- played as Kain
1/2 of defiance- played as Kain
SR- Played as Raziel, but the whole game is about hunting Kain in a world he created.
SR2+1/2 of defiance- played as Raziel, but it all leads up to how Kain becomes the scion.