View Full Version : I LOVE THIS GAME! (stop hatin on it plz :P)

1st Oct 2005, 02:02
Oh yeh and this is my first post :D. I just have to say I love EVERYTHING about this game im glad I listened to igns review they finally realised gold when they saw it :D. Please stop comparing this game to RTW the only thing thats like it is the political system which I think is better btw :). I know you've probally seen a billion of these I love the game posts I just wanted to see if I wasnt alone in liking it :D.

PS I made a master and commander sound mod pack for POTC a while back if you want I could make it for this game too.

1st Oct 2005, 03:07
muah.. you know!!!, its a democracy here, everyone can speak for his own opinion. And honestly ? im glad they compared this game to another. Sinds this will make the MAKERS bot party, will read this event, and start competiting. And we ? we just the consumers who never happy on anything :D

Man i remember my first atari game. im not complainig when Nintendo released for the 1st time. Same idea as atari, but a different engine. and much beter improvements. I also not mad or pissed when Playsatation released for the 1st time. those things are much much beter then nintendo.

i also not mad, when Gamecube launching for the 1st time. :D its kewl. and im so happy when i heard PS-2 released. wicked wicked. :p and im also not pissed off when Microsoft declaring WAR against all this companys with their X-BoX and PC-CDROM.

the only thing i pissed off untill now, that i HAVE TO BUY A NEW COMPUTER EVERY 1 DANG YEAR to play all this PC gaming. plus all those game ( not only PC-games. ) are so dang exvensive. let see. almost 50 Euro for a CDROM ? and 60 to 70 euro for a Ps-2 CD ? or X-boX ? ... get a life will ya ? :p

my 50cents.

1st Oct 2005, 04:07
I just made this post to display that I really like this game :D even the music :)

1st Oct 2005, 09:37
Yeah I like the music too!And with a few mods to unit size,ranges,accuracies,tendency to charge etc there is no doubt its the best Napoleonic era game there.But its not at mega cult status yet....and could be with a bit of attention .

1st Oct 2005, 14:15
'lo people! Ive been missing for a while but i just got a funky new comp.Wireless mouse and keyboard.Mmmmmmm wirelessness. I think I now have a good enough graph card to play this sexy game :D . Who was it that made the sharp 79ers skin mod? could he get a link to me?il be needing to download those skins :D p.s does it alter gameplay at all? :( still got to download 1.1 :thumbsup: mmmmmmmm wirelessnessocity. still the keyboards battery powered so I know it will cut out in a major battle or sumthing :rolleyes: see you guys soon il be posting Brit and prussian AAR's hopefully Prussian aar will have german in hopefully p.s is it just print screen and save to paint to get screen shots?if not please enlighten me. :thumbsup: danke

1st Oct 2005, 16:40
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the best cutting edge 'gamers' mice are all wired not wireless as they react faster.I reckon in Imperial Glory the speed of your mouse is not a big issue though but in a first person shooter it would be.

Sir Crow
1st Oct 2005, 23:58
Yeah agreed, I had a wireless keyboard and mouse but was told to go back to wired of which I have done, but why Am I still crap at FPS's? LOL When I first played IG I thought it was cool and the best Napoleonic game out there but after a week of solid gaming you realise it 'aint. The first thing that gets you down is the maps, there isn't enough. Then the dissappearing ships then the other things creep in. With the mods that are available it does bring it back to life a bit and I too like the political system. IMHO untill the game can get seriously modded it will die like Cossacks II, and for playability the NTW mod for MTW/VI is still No.1 by a long way. But then thats just my opinion.

2nd Oct 2005, 02:16
Well my skills are restricted to the battlefield, wouldnt know one end of a peasant/scientist-researcher/foreign princess from the other so I LOVE IG .NTW1 doesnt enable square formation so ...well thats that really!(How can people talk about realism in a Napoleonic game that doesnt support square formation?!)And it looks far inferior to IG....Naaah this is the one alright!!!Mind you bigger battlefield maps would be nice-room to get away from my murderous cannon with modified 1000m range!!!(12 pounders could actually hit up to 2000m away)

2nd Oct 2005, 07:31
To be honest this is pretty slick.....for now. But im not bothered about mouse speed as I tend to use consoles for FPS's as there is no lag although i do have things like bf1942 and 2 jedi knights games. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH when i try to play land battles the game goes onto a blue screen and the music gets stuck on the saaaaaaaaaaaaame note :mad: :( any cure? does the patch resolve this?HAHA as far as gaming goes thank god i never controlled the british navy :D

*Edit* sorry about crash question looked it up and I need to know where to get new driver for ATI RADEON X600 model graphics card/chip :thumbsup:
wont be able to continue without it :eek: I checked the www.radeon.com and theirs nothing on drivers

thanks in advance

2nd Oct 2005, 10:32
You want www.ati.com for the latest driver(5.9 I think)Although if you have dial up slow internet it might be as handy to buy a PC Gamer(this months has the Imperial Glory 1.1 patch) or PC Zone magazine to get the driver on the cd rom/dvd.(The dvd usually has a pile of useful antivirus/spyware etc utilities)Dont bother with the bigger "Catalyst Colntrol Centre " version the basic Control Panel version is fine.Some of the pre 5.5 drivers are not great for Imperial Glory.

2nd Oct 2005, 11:03
Thanks a lot Ytarah and to everyone who's helped me get my game on the road its been invaluable help especially the mod who first helped all those months ago back in the early summer holidays i think:) these forums rule! :D its a shame i have to delete saved games to download the patch I was lined up for a very tasty slug match with the danes in scotland :thumbsup:

3rd Oct 2005, 08:41
Good stuff m8, its amazing the difference the game is now to when it first came out. pyro could of saved a lot of time and money and tears if they had run the game through us for final testing, look at the end product the talented people here could of given them. and as far as the talented people here go, i dont think this game is quite finished with yet. as some one who was a heavy RTW fan before IG all the realism mods i had to get that game up to scratch, it still crashed, stratagy board was a waste of time as far as diplomacy, THERE IS NO DIPLOMACY IN RTW, the AI gets drunk all the time and forgets who its enemys with, why becouse rtw has no SYMPATHY it simply attacks any country that shares a border with it, alliance or not. as far as moral on the battle field, i spent 3minutes fighting and 15 mins cleaning up routing troops. the only thing that RTW has on IG now is those stupid generals that charge into death. and when IG gets officers and drummers there will be no contest between the two.

3rd Oct 2005, 13:24
aye i was a big rtw fan too but to be honest ive gone back to MTW and as soon as i can find where to uninstall a driver im sorted for this game :thumbsup: *god im so comp illeterate :D * This game has filled in everything of rtw kos with that game theres no real struggle :( the only difficulty is speed of spreading and thats it

3rd Oct 2005, 19:28
Believe me englishdude you will learn through your mistakes ,you will!Hardly twelve months ago I only surfed the net on Pentium 3.Then got into pc games and progressed from P4 1.8-P4 3.2-AMD 3500 and building systems for others...Its easy to learn 80% of PC stuff, but theres always some headache just round the corner.....!(Its just that when you know some stuff about PCs you can tackle it )

4th Oct 2005, 20:08
Lol Tis easy with drivers, once I had a mate on the phone taking me through it I was sorted :thumbsup:

Wow this game is pretty challenging :) One slip up or a bit of impatiance and BOOM your armys gone youve got a couple of battalions and thats it!Tried 2 or 3 Brit games did quite badly, a prussian did rather well but didnt expand and ive started a russian and im annexing moldavia but the austrians have me nervous :o I know if they assault ive lost that province no contest(im talking about kursk and the one below the capital)

6th Oct 2005, 01:22
I find ntw crud because its 2d. After 3d games started appearing in the 90s I gave up on 2d games (cept cnc LOL)