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30th Sep 2005, 19:59
Now I finished my mission "Four Weapons" and I sent it to my betas and... He sent me it back, because critical error.

In dromed was everythink good, but in darkloader was everythink bad... When you start darkloader appears a cllasical screen and there If you click on start, everythink blow down. Windows set minimal rezolution and If you set normal, windows freeze. I handle it quickly.

To prevent this situation remind only one think! Mission number is not be able higher then 42mis. Number 42 is the last number which thief2 is able work with. 43mis is much. but dromed work with higher numbers withowt problems.

So remember this to prevet this crittical error, which blows my computer critticly down!!!

30th Sep 2005, 20:13
:confused: Hmmm...
Check the MISSFLAG.STR file in your Strings folder. Show me what it looks like.

1st Oct 2005, 07:08
It's Ok... I copy missflag from my previous FM and type it up... But here you are my file:

// Valid mission flags
// skip This mission doesn't exist; it should be skipped.
// no_briefing Skip the briefing movie
// no_loadout Skip the loadout
// cutscene Play a cutscene immediately afterward
// end End the game when this mission is completed

miss_1: "skip"
miss_2: "skip"
miss_3: "skip"
miss_4: "skip"
miss_5: "skip"
miss_6: "skip"
miss_7: "skip"
miss_8: "skip"
miss_9: "skip"
miss_10: "skip"
miss_11: "skip"
miss_12: "skip"
miss_13: "skip"
miss_14: "skip"
miss_15: "skip"
miss_16: "skip"
miss_17: "skip"
miss_18: "skip"
miss_19: "skip"
miss_20: "skip"
miss_21: "skip"
miss_22: "skip"
miss_23: "skip"
miss_24: "skip"
miss_25: "skip"
miss_26: "skip"
miss_27: "skip"
miss_28: "skip"
miss_29: "skip"
miss_30: "skip"
miss_31: "skip"
miss_32: "skip"
miss_33: "skip"
miss_34: "skip"
miss_35: "skip"
miss_36: "skip"
miss_37: "skip"
miss_38: "skip"
miss_39: "skip"
miss_40: "skip"
miss_41: "skip"
miss_42: "skip"
miss_43: "no_loadout,end"

It's ok! I think :)

1st Oct 2005, 19:37
You don't need to type all that
miss_17: "skip"
miss_18: "skip"
miss_19: "skip"
miss_20: "skip"
miss_21: "skip"
miss_22: "skip"
miss_23: "skip"
miss_24: "skip"

The only changes you need to make to the original missflag file are:
*Change the flags for 'miss_1' to "skip"
*On a separate line type miss_1_next "42" or whatever your mission number is.

1st Oct 2005, 19:54
Good, but I easily rename my mission to miss24 and everythink is ok. I have no problem yet. This is only warning. But good advice with this string, mate

miss_1_next "42"


1st Oct 2005, 20:22
The only changes you need to make to the original missflag file are:
*Change the flags for 'miss_1' to "skip"
*On a separate line type miss_1_next "42" or whatever your mission number is.

Actually, you should put all the skips for missions 1-16. If someone has uncommented one of the "starting_mission" options in user.cfg, it'll jump right over the "miss_1_next" command.

The exact error message is:
(missdata->num < MAX_MISSION_MAPS) && (missdata->num >= 0) (File: drkamap.cpp, Line: 159)

You get that by going through the mission loop (cmd: mission_loop) in DromEd. Regular Alt-G just dumps you straight into the .MIS file.

I got the error message, but I just hit "Cancel" and nothing bad happened. It didn't even seem to matter when I played through Thief2.exe. Maybe if you actually had more than 32 missions set in the game...

So, what are some of the other MAX_... limits in DromEd?
MAX_FACE_BRUSHES = 7068 (or maybe 1809408, I'm not even sure what it's testing)
MAX_PLANES = 16384
MAX_PPP = 256

Anyway, MAX_MISSION_MAPS relates to automap data. ("drkamap" -> Dark AutoMap) Which surprised me as I thought it had to do with another type of mission map that determines how the game loads. Well if it's just the automap, and that gets it's config data from the "DarkMissionDescription" in the mission params, then let's try a little experiment...

With a mission "miss43.mis" and the missflag.str set to load it, I then set the mission number in the mission params to "32". (I left the intrface directory name as "miss43" since it's just a string and can really be anything you want, under 8 characters and within reason.)

It worked. No error. The mission name didn't show up because I had neglected to change titles.str.

So there are three independent (maybe?) types of mission numbers:
File number: Used in the file name and missflag.str
Mission number: Set in the mission params and used for maps (internally) and titles.
Missloop number: Used for the "starting_mission" option.

There may be other places where a number is used that I'm neglecting. For instance, i'm not sure whether the "@=" format parameter of debrief.str uses the mission number or missloop number.

So this particular error isn't insurmountable. Since file numbers and mission numbers are independant, you can use numbers below 19 for titles and maps without having to overwrite files. You'll still be limited to 32 total missions. And do you really need more than that? I mean, what were you doing populating the 40's to begin with?