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28th Sep 2005, 22:49
As some of you may know from history, Britain and Hanover were in union at the break of the Napoleonic Wars. Therefore I set my starting hostility between Britain and Hanover to 0 so Britain could annex Hanover right away. I was therefore wondering whether anyone would be interested in making me a skin mod for the Hanovarian Grenadier and changing it to the uniform of the 'King's German Legion' which fought for the British army. I am not sure of their exact regimental colours but they did wear the red coat. I Would be most greatful to anyone who could do this for me...Regards


Sir Crow
28th Sep 2005, 23:53
Didn't they wear black? Are you on about the line or lights? I think the lights wore Black and the Line wore Red.

29th Sep 2005, 02:40
From some pictures I have seen, indeed some wore red others black, English soldiers in-game wear red as it is, and the Prussians have dark uniforms, perhaps a little switching around the textures would do the trick.

29th Sep 2005, 14:54
Thats a great, British flag. It puts my attempt that is on the TAFN website to shame, and that is a good idea about the KGL. Thanks.

I must admit, I didn't know that some of them wore black uniforms, from all of the picture I have seen, I have only ever seen them in red. Oh well, you learn somthing new everyday. :thumbsup:

29th Sep 2005, 15:28
excellent work, cant wait to see the whole of hanovers army formed on the kings legion

30th Sep 2005, 04:30
have you been here pups


trivia (from http://www.napoleonguide.com/infantry_britain_kgl.htm)

In 1803, Napoleon Bonaparte was again at war with Britain but was unable to launch his formidable armies against his intransigent foe. Instead the French emperor looked towards Germany and aimed a blow at Hanover, the homeland of the British king George III.

A small and badly equipped French corps was despatched to deal with the Hanoverians, whose government was in turmoil and unsure of what to do.

It had been taken in by an earlier French threat to send 20,000 against their country and despite the fact only 13,000 men under General Mortier were on the march, the government sued for peace and were immediately asked to surrender its entire 10,000-man army.

One battle took place - at Borstel, where a small detachment of Hanoverians drove off the French.

It was all academic, however, and on 3 June the Convention of Suhlingen was signed.

The convention allowed for the occupation of the electorate by the French, who would be paid for by the host country, and the army would be sent to France as Prisoners of War. As good as that seemed for the French, Bonaparte didn't ratify the agreement and so war loomed.

A second, more acceptable peace - the Convention of the Elbe - resulted and Hanover agreed to disband its army.

Taking advantage of this mass of trained troops, Britain set out to recruit 4000 Hanoverians for use in British colours and even sent agents there to solicit support. These men later on faced the death penalty if caught in their activities.

The King's Germans were initially set down to be light troops, but within the ranks were many excellent cavalrymen and artillery and so, in December of 1803, permission was given to create an all-arms corps to be known as The King's German Legion.

By 1805 it consisted of two cavalry brigades, a light infantry brigade, two line infantry brigades and its own artillery and engineering units. By 1808 the KGL had been fully incorporated into the British army and had abandoned its own training and language of command.

One of the first expeditions undertaken by the KGL was in 1805 when 6000 of the Legion tok part in what was supposed to be the freeing of Hanover from French rule.

France had just denuded the country of its forces to take part in the Austerlitz campaign and when the smoke had cleared from Napoleon Bonaparte's crushing victory there Hanover had been ceded to Prussia as part of Austria's peace settlement. British troops were then ordered to return home, albeit with a large huge boost in the number of recruits for the KGL.

30th Sep 2005, 07:21
OK, the mod is pratically done, I modded both line and light infantry, but can anyone advise as to whether their colors were in fact black or a dark green or both?

I've seen reinactor pictures of light inf with green uniforms, gray pants, black cuffs and black collar. This I've gotten right so far I think.

Line inf was a little harder to come by but I think I figured it out.
Though it seems like I wont have to change a thing for line inf since they already come in a dark blue tone, the collars and such. But I'll give it a try.
I'll have some screens up tomorrow along with a descrip of all my mods to be released Friday/weekend. :cool:

30th Sep 2005, 10:35
Stompa: Your history is right but I have found in Imperial glory, on hard mode, when Britain annexes Hanover early on, that it is not France that is the problem but Prussia, who declares war on me. (I mentioned that I changed the hostility between Britain and Hanover to 0). I found that the only way to avoid losing Hanover is to sue for peace or form a coalition with Austria against Prussia, this diverts Prussian armies south to defend aginst Austria while you build up a semi-decent army.

Officerpuppy: The work you have done on the the KGL looks impressive and I look forward to downloading your mod. If you are unsure about black or dark green cuffs then perhaps you could do one green and two black or vise versa, because the are three graphic files for every unit type isn't there? This would give a random mix of Black and Green collars within every division of men.

30th Sep 2005, 12:35
i like the idea of hanover and britain having 0 hostillity, and the whole concept of changing hanover to the KGL

30th Sep 2005, 16:18
The light inf is my first attempt at skining a model from top to bottom.
Line have dark blue collars and cuffs, also added a small design on the cuffs. They also have different helmets from the orginals.

30th Sep 2005, 18:34
very nice m8

Sir Crow
2nd Oct 2005, 00:22
Regarding the colours of uniform I found these pics,


But my mate has some really fine pics and when he returns from Africa I'll ask him if you want?