View Full Version : Am I REALLY Playing IG!?

28th Sep 2005, 19:49
I know a lot of seasoned RTS fans will probably be in shock reading this but Im a recent newcomer to the world of Tactical/strategy games and while the battlefields of IG have absolutely captivated me I really just dont GET the whole Food/Gold/Rock.....paper...scissors....blah ,blah thing.Ive tried loads of other RTS games.None come remotely near IG although Panzers2 seems to be the best of a bad lot of WW2 examples....I can understand that the whole Grand Strategy thing is vital in war(UBoats sinking merchant convoys with food ,supplies etc the only thing that "frightened" Churchill)But I just cant imagine how so many can be into getting peasants to harvest wheat and build Town Halls!Have you guys heard of "Bob the Builder" and "John Deere-American Farmer"PC games?!Like you dont have to knit your own hat before you go into action in First Person Shooter games!!!OK so Im only speaking tongue in cheek here and no disrespect is meant but just today I bought the Cossacks Anthology and find that I cant decapitate a single person without the usual harvesting/building mullarkey-so that game is in the growing pile of unused IG rivals.That whole game "engine"/graphics system used in Cossacks/Blitzkrieg/Stalingrad/Cold war Conflicts etc etc really looks dated compared with IG also.There are several RTS games with unbelievable bad graphics egHistory Channel Battle of Bull Run and any of those "Hex" games.Anyway after all that rant I have a question am I really missing out on 95% of the fun ?Should I try it(harvesting/diplomacy/marrying the ugly Princess of Bratislavovakia!!!???)out more?I guess its like the flight sims I came from you can manfully try jump into full realism settings from the beginning and get whupped or gradually build your confidence up.it just seems crazy to spend hours harvesting/building and get "anihalitated" in under five minutes on the battlefield.Interested in what people think....

29th Sep 2005, 15:21

try right clicking on the territories to see the initial resource produced, decide from there if its worth SPENDING money on buildings for pop food resources, gold comes from trade, updated trade routes give more money so does tax border posts blackmarket stock market. :thumbsup: