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27th Sep 2005, 19:43
If Max Payne and GTA 3 had a baby....and then dropped it on the head to make it more silly.....and raised it on burritos and tequila.....and made it watch Hong Kong action movies 24/7...and gave it a point system similar to Tony Hawk...and sabotaged the stearing wheel of it's car....THIS WOULD BE IT!

This game is very, very good. It is also very over-the-top and silly in some places. I'll make a list of the good aspects first, compared to the Max Payne and GTA 3 games.

1) Has the most intense gunfighting seen in any 3rd person action game. Nothing is as exhilierating as Matrix-Diving into a thick crowd of enemies and taking them all down in a second with six-shooters akimbo! Indeed, the entire shootdodging concept has been tremendously evolved since Max Payne. Ram, your character, can cartwheel-flip off walls while firing, can turn 360 degrees in the air while delivering headshots to perps all around him. 10/10 for action intensity!

2) Has delightfully silly "Kill Frenzy" style powerups. One will turn you into a masked wrestler, a luchador, and award you extra points for going berserk on everybody around you. Another will start the "Day of the Dead" and have you fight of an ever-respawning horde of armed guys in Day of the Dead skeleton costumes. Both are very enjoyable and silly.
You can also collect specific "Loco Moves" which are special moves that can be cycled with the Q and E buttons and launched with the Ctrl button, each one having a special effect. One summons a luchador to beat down your enemies, another will have Ram do a 360 spin in the air while killing all surrounding enemies with dual uzis, a third will arm Ram with an explosive pinata to throw at people, a fourth turns Ram into a rampaging toro, allowing him to run down people for a short time. A lot of inventiveness has been put into the powerups and do a great job enhancing the arcade style gameplay.

3) Has as much trekking as you feel like. In GTA games, after you fail a mission, you had to trek back to the employer and select the mission again, then trek back to where you failed. This takes a lot of time, and is thankfully absent from TO. Basically, when you fail a subquest (as opposed to story missions) you get a "Too bad, you lose, try again, Y/N?" message, sparing you much backtracking. Also, you don't even have to go to the employers in the first place. Just hit escape, then hit A, and voila, you'll have a list of missions available to you and can teleport to each of them at the click of a button.

4) Is much less system-draining than any GTA or Max Payne game. Some say that this is because the graphics suck, but I disagree. The game delivers wonderfully and sets a good atmosphere graphics-wise and has A LOT less lag than GTA 3 and less loading times than Max Payne.

5) It features a great, somewhat street-fighteresque combo system. That is, every time you kill an enemy, you get a set number of points depending on the method you used to kill him. Just shooting your enemy multiple times with a handgun will earn you less points than if you had done a backflipping wall-run while capping him and his three compadres in the head. Each enemy you kill will also increase your combo-counter by 1 and reset your combo timer. The combo-counter is pretty much the same as a multiplier in earlier GTA games, as it multiplies the number of points you get for your kills. The combo timer will start to run when you kill someone and reset when you kill another foe, allowing you to string together a long series of spectacularily acrobatic kills for LOTS of points before the combo timer runs out. My current record is 33 kills in a row. For this reason, playing it safe is not a good idea in TO, as you won't earn anywhere as many points and won't get the cool bonuses earned at special point thresholds.

6) Both music and sounds are excellent. The gun sounds are, if not realistic, then very enjoyable, and the voice acting is generally good, with the exception of the main character who's not doing a good job of it IMO.
As for the music: It rocks ass, being a combination of rock and rap music that's very appropriate for the game. When you start your killing combos, the action music will begin to play. It will then grow increasingly intense and have more as you get more kills and blow up more stuff, perfectly creating an action-movie feel to the larger gunfights.

7) Good economy, stat system and treasure-hunting system. In all the GTA games, I never bothered collecting the packages/vodoo idols/money bags/whatever, they were annoying and irritating to find and didn't yield good enough of a bonus to track down all 100. In TO, this is different. Not only are there numerous 500 and 3000 point bonuses everywhere, there are also 100 gun, stamina and health icons available for either collecting or being awarded for good performance in missions. For every 10 health icons you will boost your maximum health by 10%, every 10 stamina icons will allow you to stay in bullet-time while shootdodging for 10% longer, allowing you to cap more bad guys, and every 10 gun icons you'll receive a weapon skill bonus, which is either the ability to dual-wield a specific firearm or getting unlimited ammunition for one. Specifically the gun skills icons are tempting to get, and I am attempting to collect them all. I'm up to 71/100 now, giving me the ability to dual-wield sawedoffs, handguns, rifles and uzis while giving me infinite ammo for the handguns and unlimited handgrenades. :)

8) The game missions are more, well, believable. *spoiler for GTA* Take San Andreas: You start out as a small-time ghetto-ass gangsta thug, spraying tags and whippin' out yo gat on da whack Balla *******. About ten hours of gaming time later, you're hijacking fighter jets and blowing up secret service agents. Huh? Where's the consistency with the ghetto-ass main character here? TO is more believable IMO. You keep on doing the same kind of believable missions all through the game. Not that attacking a ganja plantation and taking out 600 thugs lone man is believable, it just looks like something that could happen in the B-action movies that this game portrays, unlike SA which starts out Boyz in Da Hood and ends up Mission Impossible.

And now for the bad bits:

1) Weapons are unbalanced IMO. In my opinion, the best weapon in the game are 2x handguns, since they're quick-firing and easy to find ammo for, and with the head shot skill, you can put down bogeys with 1 shot from pretty much any weapon, although this changes later in the game. Ammo runs out a little quickly for most other weapons, which is a little annoying for guns like the MP5 and M16, since ammo for them is hard to come by and quickly spent. Shotguns suck unless used at point-blank range.
The full-auto weapons are also weaker than they should be, since they take quite a number of shots to put down bad guys and the headshot ability makes the dual handguns as good in large firefights if coupled with shootdodging.

2) Car physics and control aren't good, to put it mildly. I managed to blow up a car violently by ramming it a few times at low speed, and cars land in a strange way after jumps. The controls are also not that responsive, and if you're used to the car handling in GTA, you WILL be dissapointed at the cars in this game. Luckily, cars aren't a very important part of the game, being mainly there to get around treasure-hunting and collecting hard-to-reach goodies. They aren't used in many missions, as you'll be too busy blasting cholos to chauffeur a car. The GTA-like racing missions suck ass though, and should be avoided unless you really want the rewards they will give you.

3) The city is segmented into pretty small neighbourhoods, and you'll need about 2 seconds of loading time to pass from each one. The same with each mission you begin. I can imagine that this will agitate many people.

4) The city itself isn't anywhere as big as Vice City or any of the cities in San Andreas. This I found to be a little disappointing.

5) Bugs. I've only found one real bug, but it's a very irritating one. Basically, whenever you do a jump in a car, the camera slows down and shows you in slow motion, just like in GTA. The problem is, THE TIMERS IN THE GAME DO NOT SLOW DOWN! So in any of the missions where you're required to race a car against the clock, you want to AVOID any jumps because they drain your timer really quick. It's the same deal when shootdodging, the world moves in slow-mo, the timer doesn't. The time restrictions aren't as restrictive in non-car missions though, so it's not that big a problem, but the car bug is annoying!

That's my lowdown on Total Overdose. I'm gonna rate it 8.5/10, because of the small size of the city and the atrocious car physics engine. I still say it's pretty revolutionary in terms of funky-crazy action gameplay and deserves major props for being the first game from Deadline Games. I expect GREAT THINGS from any sequels! For now, just get this game. It is FUN-KAY!

If anybody has any questions about the game, I'd be only too happy to answer it.

28th Sep 2005, 17:48
Just finished the game it's really good. Personally I like the whole theme more than San Andreas. It's a non stop action game. Music is and voice acting is indeed very good. Don't really have anything to complain about.

The ending is a bit er open ended though.

I thought we would be able to kill Papa Muerte unless they want to keep that for a sequel. Also I expected some different kind of ending movie. I thought there was more to come after I saw this one

29th Sep 2005, 10:20
I also just finished the game. It actually had a decent length, not too long, not too short, very fitting. You're right about the ending though. While action-packed and fitting with a suitable plot twist, it really DID scream GIVE ME A SEQUEL!

I for one will most certainly buy the sequel.

29th Sep 2005, 12:32
Yes do you hear that designers start working on the sequel :D

Forgot to mention that there were two things I didn't like, namely the stronger guns always seem to run out of ammo very fast and enemies sometimes appear out of nowhere. For the rest well all good especially the fact you can select all the missions/challenges in the menu.