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John D.
27th Sep 2005, 11:14
I know I've done this before, a couple of years ago I had a partial city mission that I eventually quit and sent to Alexius and then began Deep Trouble 1. In it I had a couple of guys with M-Frontgateguard property standing in front of a barrel where there was a deer leg cooking, I had it set up where if you took the food they got mad and came after you. I think it had something to do with AI watch links but I cant remember exactly how I got it set up-any suggestions?

27th Sep 2005, 14:19
Easiest thing to do would be to use VK's TrapMetaProp to remove M-FrontGateGuard from the AI when you grab the leg (add TrigContained to the leg, and CD to the trap).

John D.
2nd Oct 2005, 09:50
Ok, I got a chance to get back to work on this today. I thought about using the custom scripts but I like having all my stuff wrapped up in my .zip without having to get any outside file to make my FM work. My solution was to take a metal gear and put it near the two ai, I adjusted the ai vision to make it seeable in the dark, removed the collison properties and aiwatchobj linked the gear to the two guys set to make them hostile and enable investigate. I then moved the gear out of range and CD linked it to a teleport trap in the original spot. I then put a CD link from the deer leg to the trap. I gave the leg a StdButton script and set it's frob info to use the script in world. I removed the sounds from it's schema so you wont hear the eat food sound when you pick it up. :)

2nd Oct 2005, 10:13
Second way to do something like this is very easy and maybe strange...

I am not so good with editing, so I use very easy ways to make something... Here it is...

Make two same guards (one with M-frontgateguard prop, one withowt this prop.) Put one in the game (with prop). Put second somewhere out ans make teleport trap. Link each other with teleport and It is done... When you trigger DeerLeg, teleport trap teleport guard with M-frontgateguard prop. out and teleport second guard in. Effect is the same. And this is the easiest version...

For me... :D

2nd Oct 2005, 16:10
Second way to do something like this is very easy and maybe strange...That's not a good way to do it.

John: Your point about oustide files is a good one. The only reason GS wanted the file downloaded from his site and not with FMs was to give him greater control over the distribution in case Eidos were unhappy with them.
If Eidos were going to ask that they be removed, they'd have done so by now.
Just put the osm, dlx files in the mission zip.

3rd Oct 2005, 06:28
Nonono, you don't understand me... I am not talking about exporting files... Outside is for me some author's place (which anybody can reach) in mission... Teleportating from this place can exchange soldiers....and nobodycan know, that this is not the same guard. In game they look like same, but he have different propertys...

But I know what about you are talking and you are right...