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22nd Sep 2005, 05:13
HI I was just wondering if anybody was playing IG
if so how do you maintain your food stocks

22nd Sep 2005, 09:49
Hi, the secret to any great campaign is a prepared food stock, you need to ensure in times of peace, which is an intermission between fighting, that you are using as least amount of reasources, e.g. food as possible.
this is done by having the minimum amount of troops out of your barracks, have all your troops inside the barracks, and all vessels in ports. officers can remain outside the barracks, note; if you have three empty officers standing outside a full barracks and an enemy were to attack that region, then the full garrisoned barracks would be able to come out to serve under the officers.
BUT! if you have a region with ships in dock and no troops on ground in that area you will lose the vessels in that port if any enemy unit lands on that region, even an empty officer or 1 unit of merceneries.
build up your food reasources before anything else, never build more troops than you can afford to feed, cavalry will take up the most food.
when doing research try to take care of your top row of reasources first before turning to military, only when your reasources are taking care of them selfs, can you turn your attentions to greater things, like a campaign in europe.
Purchasing food through the diplomacy screen. Taking land through peace treaties or annexation will give you extra food, you can see how much food each region has to offer by right clicking on an area and viewing the details screen, directly under the picture of the reagion is a list of the reasources extracted from that region including the amount that is currently being extracted e.g. food 150/50 this means that this region is extracting 150 units out of the origional 50 available, this means that they have at least one maybe two food unit upgrades on that area, and definetly worth effort to take it through aggresive act, or by purchase through diplomacy screen.
Remember this is a good tactic during peace times, in times of war you will need to sacrifice food savings to protect your regions, and may i suggest sacrificing lesser regions to protect the richer ones, simply check the region details by right clicking on that area.

hope this helps

26th Sep 2005, 15:13
Or if you can't be bothered to spend ages doing what the last suggestion said (I am not critisising it) then if you have version 1.1, go on to the credit screen and just type PYROGODMODE.
Then when you start a new campaign press
LeftCTRL + LeftALT + N for 10,000 food

There are codes for other thaings too...
LeftCTRL,+LeftALT+F for Fast Building
LeftCTRL,+LeftALT+U for fast Research
LeftCTRL,+LeftALT+G for fast training
LeftCTRL,+LeftALT+D for 10,000 Gold
LeftCTRL,+LeftALT+X for 10,000 Population
LeftCTRL,+LeftALT+Y for 10,000 Raw materials

Hope you enjoy you food surplus...

27th Sep 2005, 06:25
or in that case you could just start the game, declare yourself winner, and go onto something else

27th Sep 2005, 13:41
or in that case you could just start the game, declare yourself winner, and go onto something else

Theres no need to be miffed, I was just offering a suggestion, I wasn't criticising your advise. All I am getting at, if your a beginner to the game then it is easier to get used to the game mechanics if you cheat. Then of course you can play without cheats when you have a better knowledge of the game.