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22nd Sep 2005, 00:30
Okay...I've been to the site. We've got a couple of comic pages there. Nice. I think Kain could've been done better...but nice. Now does anyone know if there is an ongoing comic book series that is published monthly?
What I'm getting at here if it ain't done I wanna find a way to do it hell or high water. The game wasn't a huge seller. Very sad. It has the story. Plot. Characters. But--if more people find out about the story via other media then more people will be interested in the game. If there's demand, then there's bound to be supply. So then the demand might bring on another game! Yeah I'm obssessed. Coming here I realize I'm not the only one. Anyway I think it's an interesting idea. Anyone else think a monthly comic would go over? I'm into comics and I see what's out there--vampires and demons are a big thing.

Umah Bloodomen
22nd Sep 2005, 01:44
Greetings, Darkhalo!

You may be interested in this thread previously created on the book/comic subject (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=32077). Your thread has been copied and merged with that thread and we request you continue this discussion there.

Thanks! :)