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21st Sep 2005, 07:34
We had threads like this in the past, but I am curious to see what the situation is now.

I want to know how old people are. But also what gender. But instead of opening two polls, let's try it with one.

21st Sep 2005, 14:04
so 34 and 99 are in the same age group? :p

star girl
21st Sep 2005, 14:05
We had threads like this in the past, but I am curious to see what the situation is now.

I want to know how old people are. But also what gender. But instead of opening two polls, let's try it with one.

Hey GoranAgar,

I am female and just turned 27 two days ago. Just thought you'd like to know :) .

Mangar The Dark
21st Sep 2005, 16:20
I'm male and will turn 31 in a week.... and I'm still hanging around on a video game forum... jeez, I'm so depressed! ;)

21st Sep 2005, 18:09
Well, since i'm 48 I must be in the male 34-99 age group..... I feel so young. :D

21st Sep 2005, 19:02
I'm a female and I'm 15 ! :D

21st Sep 2005, 19:22
Male and 19... and turning 20 in January. I feel so old! :p Just kiddin'! :D

21st Sep 2005, 20:55
Male and turned 15 on Monday =)

Sophia Leigh
21st Sep 2005, 22:08
Female & 26

22nd Sep 2005, 00:28
I'm in the female aged between 34 and death category.

22nd Sep 2005, 04:37
35, 99, where is the difference? ;)

22nd Sep 2005, 08:08
There are only 10 years between your twenties and your forties.


22nd Sep 2005, 08:52
35, 99, where is the difference? ;)

Well it suggests being 35 is no different from being 99... and I certainly don't feel like 99. ;)

23rd Sep 2005, 06:19
Female aged 28.

27th Sep 2005, 20:07
Male, Age: 17 :D

28th Sep 2005, 05:50
female aged 25

Mangar The Dark
28th Sep 2005, 14:41
I'm amazed at how many women there are in their 20s-30s who are into this game! Why don't I know any?! Where are you all hiding? :p

28th Sep 2005, 15:12
X#%$M G*^5/ , Sorry forgot to put my teeth in, Male,50.....do i get a prize? :D

4th Oct 2005, 22:31
Female, aged: 30

4th Oct 2005, 22:36
Mark - 16

oo I meant male :D

5th Oct 2005, 16:35
Eric, just turned 33 last month http://www.mikeportnoy.com/forum/image/s7.gifhttp://www.mikeportnoy.com/forum/image/s7.gifhttp://www.mikeportnoy.com/forum/image/s7.gifhttp://www.mikeportnoy.com/forum/image/s7.gifhttp://www.mikeportnoy.com/forum/image/s7.gif

5th Oct 2005, 16:39
X#%$M G*^5/ , Sorry forgot to put my teeth in,


Female, 26 years old :)

5th Oct 2005, 16:56
Male, 45...

6th Oct 2005, 19:58
Guy.. almost 16. :cool: :D

6th Oct 2005, 22:09
Male, 32

GoranAgar, I see that you have split the human lifespan in to 5 chunks.
I am a bees dik from the last one :eek:

old raider
6th Oct 2005, 22:50
I am 49 so I guess that makes me old..:)

6th Oct 2005, 22:51
Hi old raider.

Welcome to the forum. :)

9th Oct 2005, 00:39
Male dragon. 40, mistaken for a 30 yr old.

9th Oct 2005, 04:36
Male dragon. 40, mistaken for a 30 yr old.

That's what they all say. :rolleyes: LOL... Just kidding. :D

9th Oct 2005, 09:46
I'm a 14 yr. old guy.

10th Oct 2005, 02:39
hi my name is matt if you havent notice by my username and i am a male and i am 13 years old turning 14 very soon

12th Oct 2005, 00:55
Female, age 43 (always mistaken for a 21 year old)

Stuntbabe X
12th Oct 2005, 01:04
Female, 22. :-D

French raider
12th Oct 2005, 20:20
hello everybody so I'm a female of 20 ;)

13th Oct 2005, 00:04

14th Oct 2005, 01:08
Hello there, how's it going?

I'm a male, aged 24. :p

Dragu Slave
17th Oct 2005, 12:35
Male and I'll be 19 next month.

17th Oct 2005, 16:50
male, age 30 :cool: Tomb Raider Fan Forever!


23rd Oct 2005, 10:35
:thumbsup: Im e Turning 15 December the 12th :D :cool:

23rd Oct 2005, 15:04
Female and 17 >_<

23rd Oct 2005, 17:35
jus turned 15 like i dont no an im male!!! :D

23rd Oct 2005, 19:21
I'm female and 38 years young. :p

27th Oct 2005, 19:39
im male and 14. Dont you all think that Tomb raider appeals to all ages? ive been playing it since i was about 5.

29th Oct 2005, 16:40
Hi, I'm a Lady and 33 years Young!!!

30th Oct 2005, 00:33
Hi I'm female and 31 years old. :)

30th Oct 2005, 16:01
hi i am 42 and female!

30th Oct 2005, 18:15
I am 22 this year! :cool:
Hello every one,I am a Lara fan from China :D

4th Nov 2005, 16:10
I'm female and 53. And I'll keep play TR games until I die! :eek:

5th Nov 2005, 20:16
I'm 29 and male. Been a die hard TR fan since day one :thumbsup:

7th Nov 2005, 08:36
18 female and Im new to this forum. Looking forward to reading your posts guys :D


Chris Daly
7th Nov 2005, 11:13
47 male, and waiting patiently for Legend ;)

Chris Daly
7th Nov 2005, 11:23
Just wondering what happens if your over 100 and playing
TR like there is no tommorrow ? :)

7th Nov 2005, 18:31
Just wondering what happens if your over 100 and playing
TR like there is no tommorrow ? :)
HELLZ YEAH!!!!! :thumbsup:

Sophia Leigh
8th Nov 2005, 02:50
Just wondering what happens if your over 100 and playing
TR like there is no tommorrow ? :)
LOL! Its quite possible :D

8th Nov 2005, 07:12
Just wondering what happens if your over 100 and playing
TR like there is no tommorrow ? :)
Just send me a pm. ;) You will get your own category.

8th Nov 2005, 11:10
I am male; aged 44 and just as eager as I was when the first Tomb Raider game was released - You just cant have too much Lara ;)

Chris Daly
8th Nov 2005, 13:22
Just send me a pm. ;) You will get your own category.

Giggles of laughter this end, Im on the look out for
100+ Lara fanatics - They are out there Im sure !!!

8th Nov 2005, 14:53
guy 20yrs old

15th Nov 2005, 20:32
I am male :)

Raider X
15th Nov 2005, 22:05
Male age 35. :D

16th Nov 2005, 02:33
hi im new in this forum
im 15 years old
you too are very old!!!!


im from venezuela mi english its no good :D

19th Nov 2005, 12:36
Will be 27 on Valentine's Day. Female. Can't wait to play Legends!! ^_^

19th Nov 2005, 21:58
Female aged 25...and I'm French. :D
And I hope my computer will not be to old to play with the new Tomb Raider game. :p

20th Nov 2005, 20:59
Man i guess some people still don't have lives. lol just kidding guys. We're all different. :D
Well I'm almost 21. lol :rolleyes:

21st Nov 2005, 05:46
Female, 17

21st Nov 2005, 06:21
Promotion tour, eh? :rolleyes:

22nd Nov 2005, 00:27
Looks like this OLD Cricket is about the oldest here. 62, female - loving every minute of Lara. Always played on PC but this go round it will be the 360 since I started on Xbox. :p

27th Nov 2005, 04:44
Female, soon to be :thumbsup: 50

2nd Dec 2005, 14:32
Im new here
Im male 13
cant wait until legend :)
ive completed all Tomb Raider games
on play station :D

2nd Dec 2005, 18:00
[FONT=Arial]I don't think this group ''10-15'' is fair, if I'm turnin' 16 next month and it's not the same as 10... :confused:

2nd Dec 2005, 19:11
male in his prime. :D

4th Dec 2005, 00:37
Umm female and 14 Yay

6th Dec 2005, 20:43
It's difficult for us "old ladies" to find games that involve more than simply mashing keys (fight/racing games, etc), so it's nice to have a game with a story line and thinking puzzles.

9th Dec 2005, 05:38
I'm a 36 year old dude, and I still get my muds a bit wordled up. ;)

12th Dec 2005, 19:45
female 22 years old

just joined forums actually :)

12th Dec 2005, 21:58
female 22 years old

just joined forums actually :)
Welcome. :) Enjoy your time here. :)

14th Dec 2005, 14:47
First of all I would like to say hi.

Well I was seeing the ages of the people who usually write here in the forum and while I was reading it, I realized that people here is worried about the ages of themself. As soon as I could I started writting here.

So, my opinion about this quote is that people who play tomb raider or any kind of games doesn´t have to be old or young, because the fact is, they only need to like to play and nobody can say anything against them.

A few days ago, I was wondering if I was too old to continue playing videogame and i realized that i was not, because no one needs to ask to play and actually, nowadays, the games have been producted to adults play and not for kids. So, people who are concerned about it, please, forget about ages and play as much as you can, not only tombraider, but everything that you like. I say that, because life is unique, so enjoy it!

Yours sincerely,

factorhigh (David C.)

18th Dec 2005, 09:40
I'm female and I'm 16 years old.

And I'm new here :D

3rd Jan 2006, 21:21
Male 17....There are more Females than i thought (in a non sexist or offensive way!) :p

7th Jan 2006, 07:25
I am 25 years old from Australia and have been a Tomb Raider fan for ages.

Still can't decide if I prefer PC or PS2 Tomb Raider.

8th Jan 2006, 19:39
I am female and well over half-way to one hundred - 57 going on 12. Gaming since the ColecoVision days and Tombraiding since day one. I have never found age to be a problem among gamers. There is a certain collective-mindedness about gamers that seems to bind us, regardless of age or gender.

Sophia Leigh
9th Jan 2006, 00:14
Welcome new forum members :)

adalita_m, what part of Oz are you from?

12th Jan 2006, 05:20
Male and Twenty. :D

12th Jan 2006, 20:41
Female 38 years old. There is no one my age that still plays that I know of in my circle--so I keep it to myself--glad to be here.

14th Jan 2006, 05:27
19 year old male. I'm new here. Todays my first day :o

miss independent
15th Jan 2006, 00:47
I'm a girl/gal person

i'm new here! :D between 10 and 15 years old! ;)

16th Jan 2006, 16:41
We had threads like this in the past, but I am curious to see what the situation is now.

I want to know how old people are. But also what gender. But instead of opening two polls, let's try it with one.

Hey GoranAgar. I'm new here and about. uh, 33-34 days ago, Dec 13, 2005, I officially turned 13. And I'm a male. :D

18th Jan 2006, 19:50
I'm new here and I'm male :) and not long ago I celebrate 21(such a high age...:) )

18th Jan 2006, 22:33
ive got 1 month left and then i turn 20. Thats wen i have to stop bein a teenager and act like a *gulp* Adult! :(

19th Jan 2006, 17:11
I'm a girl. I'll be 24 in April.

20th Jan 2006, 23:27
male between 10 and 15!!!

Super Mushroom
24th Jan 2006, 10:53
I'm a boy ^.^ :p I'm 15 years old

A fellow tomb raider
25th Jan 2006, 21:29
Female and soon to be a fully qualified archaeologist day after my 21st birthday! Woot! :D

26th Jan 2006, 03:29
Congrats, then! :thumbsup:

I'm a 26 year old lady. :)

26th Jan 2006, 16:58
Male, 38
Been playing TR for about 10 years.
Some say I'm to old for this, I think not.

26th Jan 2006, 20:40
14 female :o

26th Jan 2006, 20:43
Male 29.. 30 in september :(

Working on lara for years hehe

27th Jan 2006, 21:31
male 10-15

27th Jan 2006, 23:43
Male 29- 30 in September :(

Playing with toys since i was a lad...

jay- when your b-day?

1st Feb 2006, 03:35
Female, 33...one year (well, to get technical, a little over a month) away from "34 - death"! :rolleyes:

Oh, and new to the forum! :p Hello, all!

1st Feb 2006, 03:42
Hi JeepGirl.

Welcome to the forum. http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/5520/wave11cq.gif

1st Feb 2006, 09:20
hi! i'm starfruit! i'm new!
tomb raider is da best game!!! XD and MOVIES!!!!!

1st Feb 2006, 13:10
Hi Gang, I'm GrizzlyJim. I've played all the previous TombRaider games and I still say that they are the best of all games, with the acception of the last Tomb Raider game - which I was extremely disappointed with. I'm 55, so chances are, I'm probably the oldest gamer out there. But then, I'm an Artist and we know no age. My computer is now four years old. I had it built specifically for gaming, but, it's now obsolete. I hope I can upgrade it in time for the new game. In case you're not aware, I believe the new game will require the new SLI technology. There's a good chance that if you have an older computer, like mine, you won't be able to play the new game. So, you might want to check your accelerator card and processing chips to make sure you're ready to play it. King Kong is another that requires the new technology. Anyway, I loved the old TombRaider games; all except the AOD. I sure hope they've learned from the disaster of AOD and they are true to their word about returning to the original format. If you've never played any of the past games, I'd suggest you try them. It's like being Indiana Jones and exploring on your own. I love the games. Hope to chat with you all when I finally get the game and play. Especially when we all get hung up on a difficult puzzle...

1st Feb 2006, 16:45
female - 14

1st Feb 2006, 22:44
I'm a male 24 :)

2nd Feb 2006, 15:04
hi tombraider fans!! I'm new to this stuff, so bear with me. i'm 52 and love playing these games. Have played all of previous games.Can't wait to see this new adventure. It sure seems like these game developers like to torture us. :p But from what i see so far this should be a great game.

3rd Feb 2006, 02:16
Female and 16 :D

Leeloo Multipass
4th Feb 2006, 15:42
Female, 37 :p

5th Feb 2006, 12:18
Female - 18

I think it's really interesting to note the various age groups that into gaming :) It's really good to see such a variety :D I think gaming is something that is a common interest to us all and we can relate on different levels :P If I don't make sense ... I blame it on the caffeine! :rolleyes:

6th Feb 2006, 00:21
Hi everybody. I am Jet, male 22
this is my first post :D
I just want to say Tomb Raider is the best of the best. :thumbsup: although the last one "dark angel" is really dispointed me. :(

11th Feb 2006, 22:32
Im 23 years old :D

13th Feb 2006, 21:09
Greetings everyone. When I am joking around with my family and acting silly, I often get asked, in an irritated tone of voice, "how old are you". Usually, I reply "it varies widely". Well, this old computer geek Tomb Raider is in the range "40s to overgrown teenager".

14th Feb 2006, 20:05
Male, 15 years old :D

tomb raider babe
17th Feb 2006, 20:40
Hi! I'm female & I turned 13 december 30.

17th Feb 2006, 21:22
Hi. I'm an old, old male of 43 years. Luckily, we're only as old as we feel (or act). I have purchased almost all the previous Tomb Raider games (but have played none). I plan on making "Legends" my first experience with Lara Croft. I'm quickly becoming obsessed with Miss Croft and her adventures since we ran a Tomb Raider Theme Day at the paintball field I own/run. I'll try and post some pictures later (when I figure out how). Anyway, 'hello' (this is my first post) and I look forward to posting and conversing with other Lara fans.

Toby Joe Gilreath
Operations Manager
Line of Fire Paintfields

18th Feb 2006, 15:18
Female - 44 :D

18th Feb 2006, 17:37
My goodness, I just now noticed that there's a Legend forum. Am I dense or what? That was a rhetorical question. :p

I'm male, 19 years of age.

18th Feb 2006, 19:04
Male - 74

20th Feb 2006, 21:11
Female..35 in july Best age yet:D

21st Feb 2006, 08:52
Female aged 29. Been a Tomb Raider game fan from the begining. I love it because it a game with a girl as the main character and there are puzzles to solve instead of just running around shooting everybody (though Lara does have to shot people from time to time, it's not what the game is about).

22nd Feb 2006, 22:49
Male 36:thumbsup:

23rd Feb 2006, 04:56
Male and 25 :p

24th Feb 2006, 22:31
female aged 50!

25th Feb 2006, 11:22
male and fourty2 :eek:

don goyo
25th Feb 2006, 23:00
male, 15.
i hope this game actually bears a resemblance with the first one, i think they have turned always worse since the beginning

26th Feb 2006, 19:33
Female - 21 in 2 & a bit weeks:eek: ^_^

27th Feb 2006, 04:20
male age 29.
:cool: Prime-o my life.

28th Feb 2006, 10:10
Female, 40 (and very hurt to know that being either 35 or 90 does not make a difference):rolleyes:

3rd Mar 2006, 21:49
13, male :) but.. turning 14 this year.. ;)

3rd Mar 2006, 21:57
Male, 18, going on 19 in may :D

4th Mar 2006, 23:37
22 year old guy here :D

5th Mar 2006, 13:55
26 year old female and mom of a 6 year old girl :D

5th Mar 2006, 18:34
Female and 15. Turning 16 soon! WOOOOOO:cool:

7th Mar 2006, 14:12
I'm a female between 16-21 (i'm 20 but will be 21 in September) :)

7th Mar 2006, 20:32
Just wondering why the ages 10 and 11 are included since the game is rated 12+ :)

8th Mar 2006, 01:16
Nineteen-year-old girl here.

8th Mar 2006, 06:09
Male, 41... I think I was 12 when the first TR hit the shelves...

Well, I felt 12, anyway :D

8th Mar 2006, 06:56
Looks like the males, aged 16-21 are leading the pack. :p :D

8th Mar 2006, 09:42
Very much female, 28 years old.
This is cool. For once everyone isn't ten years younger than me. :P

storm shadow
11th Mar 2006, 11:23
25 now turning 26 in november... been Tomb Raider fan since day one.

11th Mar 2006, 18:53
male 20

12th Mar 2006, 08:28
Female, 50.

But I'm hoping that this TR is more faithful to the originals.

12th Mar 2006, 22:31
Wow there's still people way back then who must've first played Tomb Raider on PS/PC/SEGA-GEN :eek: I was only 10 when I first played TR in '99, although it was released in '96.

(male - 15 goin' on 16 in about a month and a hlaf:( ...)

12th Mar 2006, 22:39
Male 15 years old (16 in about two month...) :)

8th Apr 2007, 20:35
Female!:D and im aged 14!! wooooo come on the younger generation!lol! but im very suprized at how many adults like this game! but you have to admit its pretty cool!!:D :D :D :thumbsup:

8th Apr 2007, 20:52
Female aged 38 :)

8th Apr 2007, 20:59
female, 20.
21 on June 28th, you better remember that! LOL

9th Apr 2007, 14:04
female, 20.
21 on June 28th, you better remember that! LOL

My birthday is next Monday (17th April). Still clinging on tenaciously to my thirties Shirl! :D

9th Apr 2007, 18:51
Male, 40 :)

9th Apr 2007, 19:34
:rasp: 35-99 Come on, there are a few more age groups in that span.:lol:

I have mentioned this elsewhere but it appropriate here too. I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and it affects among other things my hand eye coordination's. So what, asks you, is such a person playing Tomb Raider Games?!?

My Doctor suggested gaming as a way to keep and maybe beef up the hand/eye skills I currently have. In looking for games, I came across Star Wars BattleFront, Then I same a demo for TR Legend, MAN, that little flip thing you can make her do when she Pulls Up on a ledge, Oh Man!!! I was hooked (How obvious is it that I am Male?!?). Then I watched the Movies, of course, now I am back tracking getting the older games off of eBay, and playing from the beginning. I am seriously hooked!!! Is that bad for a 42 year old man??? :o Just asking.

BTW DOB: Septeber 25, 1964!!! Remember, You are never too old too have a Happy Childh...., He he, You are only a mature as you act!!!! Puppies:lmao:

9th Apr 2007, 20:19
My post title says it all lol

9th Apr 2007, 23:27
male, 54 :rasp:

10th Apr 2007, 12:05
Male 17.

10th Apr 2007, 12:13
craaaapppp I didn't know there was female and male :o I am male 15 ;)

10th Apr 2007, 14:09
Female 28

12th Apr 2007, 10:19
im male and 14. Dont you all think that Tomb raider appeals to all ages? ive been playing it since i was about 5.

Ive been playing it for 3 years since i was 9 ;)

And one such as myself keenly belongs to the male of the species.

12th Apr 2007, 12:07
I'm female and 23:)

12th Apr 2007, 17:23
Girl, age 21:)

20th Apr 2007, 01:32
Hmmm...must've missed this thread last time I hit these boards. It's always interesting to see who's playing. I don't know about other games, but it seems to me TR players run the gamut of ages and are pretty evenly split between male and female.

I get thousands of emails about Tomb Raider every year, so I encounter a pretty good cross section of players. So far I've received notes from raiders between 8 and 89--and those are just people who happened to mention their ages. There are probably plenty of older and younger players. There seem to be slightly more girls than guys, but that could be because females are just more communicative. ;)

I remember reading an article with lots of stats about gamers sometime last year. (I think it was done by the Entertainment Software Association and it may have been in Game Informer or somewhere on the net.) The ESA survey found the average age of American gamers is 33 and getting older. Makes sense with "Generation X" now heading into middle age.

Anyway, I'm 34 going on 99. ;)

Seriously, though...42 on my next birthday and female since birth. :D

20th Apr 2007, 12:08
Female, 28

I've been playin' TR since 1996. I'm addicted and most of my friends (who are all in their 30's/40's +) tease me because Lara is one of my heroes...lol

I don't care....:rasp:

21st May 2007, 04:10
Male and 25

22nd May 2007, 15:36
im 15 and a girl

22nd May 2007, 16:50
Male - 12 :D

It seems that once again I'm the youngest :rolleyes:

Dukem :)

7th Jun 2007, 22:49
I'm 49 and male. I'm a long time gamer but TR Legend is my first TR game.

8th Jun 2007, 16:15
I am 14 and Male.
And proud!:lol:

9th Jun 2007, 01:31
A few words to the wise. :cool:

All of you who are under 18 and/or still live at home. Enjoy your youth while you can. You won't believe how quickly you get to 50. And how hard you have to work once you are on your own.

Enjoy life, but take the time to make decisions about your future wisely. You may think it doesn't matter now. But it does. Changing your mind later isn't nearly as easy as you might think. And hard work toward your future while you're young is easier and will pay off with much higher rewards later.

Investing in a good education now will pay more dividends later and will affect your life in ways you can't imagine. And you'll probably be sorry later if you don't.

I speak with the voice of experience. :eek:

You will also discover that your parents were actually a lot smarter than you thought (about some things, anyway). Mine sure turned out to be... :D

I won't presume to tell you how to live your life. That's your book to write. May it be long and enjoyable.

9th Jun 2007, 06:42
male and 13:whistle:

9th Jun 2007, 13:46
Great poll, Goran. :thumbsup:

I'm female and just turned 44.

Mrs Croft
10th Jun 2007, 10:32
Male and 16 years old. :)

10th Jun 2007, 11:13
male, 16. i feel old.

11th Jun 2007, 19:35
Very interesting results. I would have expected a much higher number of under 16's to be posting on these boards.

3rd Dec 2008, 06:16

16 years old...

Playing TR games since 6-7 years old... :cool:

And there's lot of "16 ages" player same like me...

It's nice to find out, isn't it?

Nice thread by the way... :thumbsup:

3rd Dec 2008, 06:37
Glad to see some "older" women here . . . . This game is my first ever and I just turned 46 in October. In the last couple of years I have become disabled (bad back -- 7 discs that have somewhat died and still counting, plus 1 metal knee and a whole bunch of other hardware (literally !!) Sometimes all I can do is lay on my back . . . Wanted something to try and keep the mind going (or it may have gone already . . . A little too much partying it up back in college -- Yes, before the days of personal computers !! Just ones that took up gymnasiums !!!)

I am playing on a Nintendo DS lite . . . And I need all the help I can get !!! I see a smiley I will be using a ton of . . . :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2:

Wish me luck . . . Because so far I have not had too much of it !!! I think I need to invite my friends 6 year old over to teach me some things . . . Okay, a ton of things !!!


PS. Would welcome any suggestions -- Games or anything !!!

3rd Dec 2008, 15:56
Glad to see my category is currently winning, unless that makes me expendable :p

male, age between 16 - 21

3rd Dec 2008, 19:18
I think this was for the leadup to TR:L. :scratch: (Created in 2005).

There's a thread in General Discussion for the leadup to TR:U... (it doesn't have age).

3rd Dec 2008, 19:30
I´m female and will be 24 in January.

Been playing TR since i was 13 :rasp: and im not planning on stopping anytime soon :D

TR Rules ;)

3rd Dec 2008, 19:43
The oldies are sneaking up on us teenagers. :lol:
Less than 10 away.

5th Dec 2008, 22:17
i don't get why so many people are curious, i voted 10-15 female, coz that is what i am, and what if you play tomb raider and your not 20 or whatever, coz tomb raider is rated 12, and i mean, 12 year olds play it!!!

5th Dec 2008, 22:33
I have joined Lara on her adventures from the very beginning.........I am 23. :)

And no I am NOT to old to play videogames!!
God I am so glad people around here understand that, cause most people out there don't.....or just don't admit they secretly play as well......:rolleyes:

Same for cartoons, come on, how can you not love to watch a cartoon once and a while. That doesn't make one immature, does it? Like Ren and Stimpy, Spongebob and other stuff. Seriously some of those cartoons were never meant to be watched by kids..................:lol:

Kara Croft
18th Feb 2009, 09:21
I am now 19 and started playing tomb Raider when it first came out, so i was a pretty young gamer :p

Raiding On
18th Feb 2009, 10:45
Hi im 22 and have been a fan since TR1. Love2raid your right! nobodys ever too old to watch cartoons.

18th Feb 2009, 15:22
I'm 22 and I've been adventuring with Lara since 1996 :)

18th Feb 2009, 18:32
Thread creation date: "09-21-2005". This thread is old, and was created for the wait up to TR:L.

You can vote here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=67137) if you want to say your gender. (It is more recent).