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19th Sep 2005, 01:45
Lego Star Wars for the PC is annoying the hell out of me! I have two different USB game controllers: a gamer, and a logitech. The gamer controller is my primary controller that I use for all games, and is always plugged in. The logitech I just plug in for two player action, mainly (only?) for Lego Star Wars.

When only the gamer controller is plugged in, Lego Star Wars works great for single player. Couldn't be happier. I set up my controls, and everything is perfect. :cool:

Now it's time for a little two player action. I plug in the logitech controller, load up Lego Star Wars, and I find the gamer controller has now been swapped over the player 2. The logitech defaulted to player 1, erasing all my control configuration. Argh! I now have to re-program both controllers. What a pain! Of course, when I go back to single player and unplug the logitech control, the gamer controller swaps back to player1, and I again have to re-program the controls. ARGH!!!

So I attempt to fix this problem. I go to the control panel, select game controllers, click the "advanced" button and set the gamer controller as the "preferred device". That'll fix it, right? Wrong... Lego Star Wars acts the same. The preffered device is ignored, again the secondary logitech controller is assigned to player 1. STUPID!

So I try using a controller ID selector utility. JoyIDs lets one manually select the ID for each controller. I assign ID0 to the gamer and ID1 to the logitech. Lego Star Wars acts the same. I assign ID1 to the gamer and ID10 to the logitech. Lego Star Wars acts the same. It's as if Lego Star Wars does not even check the controller ID.

What the heck do I have to do to keep the gamer controller locked to player 1?

26th Nov 2005, 20:24
Make sure your Gamepads are plugged in and then go to the following directory

C:\Program Files\Giant\LEGO Star Wars Game

There is a file there called SWLEGO.BIN (Should be 1 kb)

Delete this file and restart the game. The gamepads should automatically generate in the controller section