View Full Version : Hi-res flags possible.

18th Sep 2005, 17:07
I just discoverd just as the title says, that hi-res flags are possible. The flag grahpic is fairly small detail is usually sacrificed, but I figured out that the flag does not have to fit into this small grahpic. I tested it out with this flag grahpic I found online which was four times the size the orginal flag grahpic, I added the flag pole and staff to the side, went ingame and it shows up perfecly fine and very detailed. I'll try and get some before and after pics.

19th Sep 2005, 07:43
oooo, good work, when you add the pole, can you add other things, like maybe an Eagle to sit on the top?

19th Sep 2005, 16:14
The flag staff is part of the 3D model so a texture change won't do a thing.

Ok, I found this cool flag graphic online and played around with the sizing, I figured out that the flags can be quite larger than the orginal game size, it would be up to the modder to determine the right size for their flag since there seems to be a limit to how large it can be, as you can see in the second picture, the flag is slightly cut off on the sides.

This is the flag graphic I used, but resized, see the lack of detail.


Same grahic but kept the orginal size of the flag which was four times larger than the orginal graphic it was replacing, see the difference in detail.

21st Sep 2005, 05:28
I cant seem to find where the flags are listed. For instance perhaps it is possible to have units spawn with more than one flag, but again, I cant seem to find any reference to how the flags are spawned with units.

21st Sep 2005, 07:19
imagine being able to give regimental flags aswell as national for the units :thumbsup:

would 3dsmax put an eagle on that pole?

if yes, then maybe some one out there can do it :rolleyes: